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 Low voltage underwater lighting fixtures in all sizes and lamp types from Residential Landscape Lighting & Design.A well-designed pond can be one of the most enriching aspects of your outdoor landscaping project. There is nothing like the sound of bubbling water, or the shimmering appearance of a still aqueous surface, to convey the ambiance of tranquility and relaxation that is so vital to your home’s outdoor spaces A carefully selected underwater lighting system can dramatically enhance that effect, illuminating certain details by day and bringing the entire creation to life by night. Water and light, joined together, produce a pleasing synthesis. The calming effects of an artfully designed underwater lighting system will supply your home with a cathartic pleasure to be enjoyed by both your family and guests for many years to come. Our underwater lighting pond fixtures can turn your nighttime pond into a dancing visual display of light and shadows! 

On the other hand, the combination of water and electricity is nothing to take lightly! We understand this concern, which is why we provide reliable underwater lighting fixtures with all the equipment you will need to install them safely. If you are a beginner, we recommend our
low voltage (12 volts) underwater light fixtures, which should be installed in conjunction with one of our outdoor low voltage transformer products. If you are a more experienced technician, we have house current (120 V) underwater lighting fixtures as well, which require a ground fault current interrupter (GFCI) to be installed properly.

Once you have chosen the level of voltage for your underwater lighting system, you will need to make a number of decisions about which of our products will be best suited to your project. For example, we have brass
underwater lighting fixtures, fiberglass, copper, as well as a specially molded Ryton composite material. Please be aware that you should NOT use copper underwater light fixtures if you are illuminating water that contains fish, since the metal reacts with the water to produce a chemical that could be toxic to them. Other considerations are of a more aesthetic nature. These may depend on the size of the area you wish to illuminate, or whether there are particular aspects of your creation you wish to highlight with your underwater lighting. We have flood lights that will illuminate a larger area, as well as spot lights that will draw attention to a particular facet of your project, such as a certain plant or underwater artistic piece. We have underwater low voltage lighting kits that point straight up, as well as others fitted with angle brackets that allow for unlimited adjustment. For greater control of the light, we offer glare shields that can be fitted with most fixtures.

There are 3 main conditions that will modify or change your beam spread as well as light intensity. Depth, Clarity, and Movement:

When you install your underwater lighting fixtures, you should make sure not to fasten the light cover too tightly. This is a common mistake made by amateur installers, who wish to make certain no water will leak into the fixture.  In fact this does more harm than good, as the gasket seals expand when heated by the light, and this expansion may actually create a leak if the cover is fastened too tightly. So tighten the cover securely, but do not overdo it.

Finally, we should emphasize that these underwater lighting fixtures are not safe for use in swimming pools, spas, or any body of water where people may swim. The wires on these fixtures are exposed, and for that reason should only be used in ponds, fountains, or other decorative bodies of water. Fish and plant life is fine, but it is not safe to allow humans to swim near these fixtures without using a GFCI device.

Each underwater lighting product is shipped with detailed installation instructions. Feel free to contact us toll free at 800-239-2939 if you have any questions or to discuss which underwater lighting fixture is right for your application. Just let us know what we can do to help! We have experienced technicians ready to share their knowledge about underwater lighting and other lighting issues with you. We have all the experience and products you need to turn your outdoor pond or fountain into a luminous, aquatic masterpiece!

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