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    MR16 Halogen Accent lighting Kit #2 RLLDLVK04

    Manufacturer: RLLD-TL
    Item Number: RLLD1776TEC

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    To make things simple we have created landscape low voltage lighting kits for both the lighting professional and Do-It-Yourselfer! You won’t find this kind of professional equipment at the local home improvement store! Each kit contains everything you need to enhance the nighttime enjoyment of your home or garden. We have engineered these systems as a basic starter kit with extra transformer capacity so that you can double the quantity of lights in the future. So if you want to add some path lights or maybe light a fountain or sculpture some day this is the kit for you. Have fun and experiment with your lights before burying the wires. That way you can fine-tune your design before completing the installation. Good landscape lighting is a study of light and shadows!

    Each Kit Contains:
  • Twelve Cast aluminum MR16 up light fixtures (Bronze or Black)
  • Twelve 20-watt MR16 halogen lamps with 38 degree lamps
  • Twelve PVC Mounting stakes with heavy duty brass threaded caps
  • One 500’ roll of 12/2 landscape lighting wire designed for direct burial
  • One 600 watt 12 volt transformer with fiberglass housing, 24-hour timer and cord

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    I am looking for assistance in purchasing a good qualiy low volt transformer. I have a Hampton 300v transformer for lights in my paver walk-brick lights, that seems to be fine. Now I am looking to install 400 to 600 total volt system (approx. 30 to 40 lights at 10 to 50 volts each with some runs up to 150'.... ( read more )
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