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    Disclaimer: LED lifetime calculations are derived from the life hours based on a 55 degree Tj (junction temperature). LED luminaire life is not identical to estimated LED life. LED luminaire life is also a function of the power supply, operating temperatures, thermal management, materials, and electrical and material interfaces.

    Mercury Vapor LED Bullet Retrofit Kits - Small 24W

    Manufacturer: RLLD-TL
    Item Number: RLLD21581TEC

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    This small LED bullet retrofit kits is only high intensity LED system designed to accurately replace a 50W R20 Mercury Vapor bullet lamp and ballast. Designed to produce an equivalent amount of visual light, the same desirable color and beam spread without having to run any new wiring.

    • Each kit includes a retrofit driver assembly with mounting plate and medium base LED lamp replacement unit. (Does not include ballast enclosure!)
    • the LED head is constructed of die cast aluminum.
    • Comes standard with a E26 medium screw base.
    • 24 watt single source Cool White 5500K LED is provided.
    • The light source is offered with a 120degree wide flood optical assemblies.
    • The light fixture can be remotely mounted up to 500' away.
    • Operates off a 24V low voltage transformer.
    • This cannot operate without the integral driver that is include. See picture below.
    • CONSTRUCTION: The die cast aluminum heat sink has heat dissipating fins to maintain a cool operating LED for maximum life. The fins are independently supported to allow for unobstructed airflow. The fixture is designed to efficiently perform in any mounting orientation.
    • OPTICAL SYSTEM: A high performance convex 120° wide flood lens assemble provides an efficient optical assembly in conjunction with the LED light source. Each fixture comes in 5500K Cool White color temperature. The Lens Ring comes standard in a black finish.
    • ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: 24W systems in small heat sinks to replicate the size and output of standard mercury vapor lamp systems. Fixture life is up to 3 times longer than that of mercury vapor. Field installable dimmers are available.
    • MOUNTING: The driver and transformer come mounted to a retrofit bracket for easy installation into an existing HID ballast box. The LED fixture head comes standard with a medium base 4KV rated socket for retrofit into existing mercury vapor fixture. LED unit is LOW VOLTAGE ONLY and is not to be powered directly at 120V! Failure to do so will void any and all warranties.
    • FINISH: A chromate pretreatment is applied prior to the finishing process to ensure lasting durability. The bullet is finished with a Super Durable Powdercoat Paint with a UV inhibitor to make it impervious to atmospheric elements.

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