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    Hatch Transformers - 150 Watt Hardwire Electronic Transformer - VS12-150J

    Manufacturer: Hatch Transformers, Inc.
    Item Number: RLLD250HAT

    This hardwire plastic cased 150 Watt, low voltage electronic, black transformer generally works with standard incandescent dimmers. Its features include:

    • Minimum wattage: 50 watts
    • Maximum wattage: 150 watts
    • Input voltage: 120 volt
    • Output voltage: 11.5 volt
    • Input amperage: 1.25 amps
    • Output amperage: 12.9 amps
    • Dimensions: 3.60" L x 2.20" W x 1.31" D
    • Safety listing: UL/cUL recognized.

    Electronic low voltage transformer:

    • High reliability
    • Moisture and shock resistant
    • Emits no audible noise
    • Low harmonic distortion
    • High power factor
    • Lightweight, compact design
    • Works with most commercially available dimmers. Hardwire electronic dimmers are recommended for optimum performance.

    Environmental Specifications:

    • Maximum case temperature: 80 degree Celcius
    • Sound rating: A+
    • Operating humidity: 95% relative humidity, non-condensating
    • Environmental protection: epoxy sealed for moisture resistance and shock vibration resistance

    Electrical/Mechanical Specifications:

    • Input: 120 V 50/60 Hz
    • Enclosure material: UL approved; flame retardant; high temperature, engineering resin
    • Color: black
    • Weight: 5 oz 
    • Power factor: >0.95
    • Operating frequency: 25 KHz
    • Total harmonic distortion: <= 20%
    • Input leads: 6", 18AWG stranded, 105 degree C stripped 3/8" tinned
    • Output leads: 6" 18AWG stranded, 105 degree C stripped 1/8" tinned

    Soft start circuitry:

    • All models of Hatch low-voltage transformers utilize a soft start circuitry to maximize lamp life. The soft start circuit ramps up the lamp filament voltage slowly when the lamp is cold.

    Electronic Short-Circuit Protection:

    • All Hatch low-voltage transformers employ our (ESP) Electronic Short Circuit and over load protection. The ESP sensing circuit will instantly shut down the output before any of the components are stressed if a short circuit or over load is detected. The transformer will automatically reset as soon as the fault is corrected.

    Wiring Diagram

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