Smoke Detectors & CO Alarms

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Smoke Detectors & CO2 Alarms by BRK, Firex

Every home should have at least one or more Firex Smoke Detectors or BRK Smoke Alarm.  In fact, fire and safety experts say you should have a Smoke Detector installed in every room of your house. The smoke alarms should be interconnected creating a whole house smoke alarm system.

Firex Smoke Detectors can be described in two ways:

Model AD and ADC – Ionization type smoke alarms.  This type of smoke alarm responds fastest to burning fires with hot, open flame and small invisible smoke particles.

Model PAD – Photoelectric smoke alarms.  PAD models responds to slow burning, visible smoke caused by smoldering fires.  This may reduce false of nuisance alarms caused by cooking or high humidity.

Model ADC smoke alarm features include a false alarm control which, when activated, quiets unwanted alarms for up to 15 minutes.  This smoke alarm is powered by 120V AC and a 9-volt battery back-up source.  AC/DC smoke alarms offer added protection in the event or a power failure or a drained battery.  Firex smoke detectors have a unique power connector that prevents interconnection with incompatible smoke alarms or security systems.  The Firex smoke alarm may be interconnected with as many as 11 other Firex model AD, ADC, FX1218 and PAD smoke alarms, or as many as 6 Firex model ADH heat alarms for a total of not more than 18 interconnected devices.

Smoke Detectors & CO Alarms by BRK, Firex

Firex smoke alarms have a unique “battery missing” signals.  The smoke alarm will not attach to the mounting bracket if a battery is not installed into the battery pocket during installation.  If the battery is not properly connected to the terminals or drained, the smoke alarm will sound a short beep or chirp about every minute until replaced.  In addition, the smoke alarm has a green LED indicator showing AC power or normal condition and a red LED indicator for problems.  The onboard alarm horn puts out a full 85db at 10 feet which is sure to catch your attention.  You can also test the smoke alarm weekly for added safety by pressing the test button.

The Do’s of installing smoke alarms:

The Don’ts of installing smoke alarms:

Firex Smoke Alarms or BRK Smoke Detectors made by others are not fool-proof devices and is not warranted to protect lives or property from fires.  Smoke alarms are no substitute for insurance.  Homeowners and renters should insure their life and property.  In addition, it is possible for the smoke alarm to fail at any time. 



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