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Slim artificial Christmas trees give the homeowner a time saving option during the holiday season. Christmas only comes once a year, but the stress associated with this holiday can sometimes outweigh the true joy people are supposed to experience. Last minute shopping, long lines at the stores, and crowded parking lots can create an atmosphere of chaos rather than tidings of love and joy. In addition to buying last second gifts and fighting the long lines that never seem to slim down, people also find themselves struggling to choose a Christmas tree that will fit this year’s holiday theme. Technology has advanced in the decorating department, and people can now buy artificial trees in either slim or bulk sizes to accommodate their homes. 

In years past, people would have to get in their car and drive up to the mountains or a forest area in order to chop down a slim tree, just so they could have one in time for Christmas. This seems like a long time ago, and our brains think back to the 1930’s and 1940’s, when most people did such a thing. However, there are still people today, who go out every year and cut down a tree, only to lug it home on the roof of their car. This was only the beginning. The Christmas tree would then have to be taken off the roof and towed into the home leaving a trail of pine needles and branches behind. This resulted in a huge clean up job both inside and outside the home. Moreover, natural evergreen specimens pose a serious fire hazard and many horror stories about homes burning down during Christmas can be heard every year.

Times have certainly changed, but some people still choose old-fashioned tradition over new technology. Today, homeowners can select from a variety of artificial Christmas trees that are not only beautiful, but fire resistant, as well. There are artificial slim versions and more pronounced styles depending upon your taste. Residential Landscape Lighting and Design (RLLD) has a large selection of slim artificial Christmas specimens and many other styles as well. Slim artificial trees are easier to handle and simple to set up. The artificial variety will fit perfectly into any home environment, and there is no messy cleanup after the holiday has passed. Best of all homeowners can use these slim artificial decorations for many years, since they are constructed out of durable materials that last a long time.

Some of the best slim artificial Christmas trees.  These slim artificial options come in a variety of styles, including Douglas Fir, and Sierra. The slim body of the product gives the user the flexibility of being able to transport it from one location to another as needed. Many of these trees are also pre-lit, so homeowners can just set up and watch the magic unfold. Roman’s products come in a variety of different heights, so choosing the right one for your home is never a problem. These items can be used for both indoor and outdoor decorating not only during Christmas, but also all year long, if your heart desires.

Finding the right Christmas tree for your home or business this holiday season can be a daunting task. Residential Landscape Lighting and Design can now save you time during the holiday crunch. We have numerous artificial decorations in slim or bulk styles that will accommodate your decorating needs this holiday season. Why shop around and fight the crowds this year, when you can find the best trees right here? Check out our online venue and give your surroundings a touch of joy this Christmas!

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