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RSS stands for REALLY SIMPLE SYNDICATION, hearkening back to the old days when newspaper syndicates sent hundreds of paper boys all over the cities during the wee hours of the morning so the news would be waiting for people the next morning when they woke up. The problem with the paper was, people didn’t always like what it said, and they didn’t always believe it.

Email and newsletters through, came along next, and on their heals followed the spammers—stealing email addresses and sending out wave after wave of unwanted and often inappropriate solicitations. People are getting tired of email, and spam filters are now so tight they often tie up important business correspondence for hours or even days.

RSS solves this problem by streaming information to you directly that no one else can access and that you have full control over at all times. An RSS reader works independently from email, and operates off of software you can download from our site. It’s quick and easy to install, and it allows you to customize and select which RSS feeds interest you the most.

RSS will eventually replace email because it puts people in control, not servers or spammers. RSS feeds retrieve the latest content from sites that you choose and deliver them directly to you. An RSS feed will save you the time and trouble of having to go to each site individually and read newsletters from each and every site to which you subscribe.

You can select the subjects you like and cancel at any time. There is no cost. You are in control over who contacts you, what topics interest you and where you can purchase products that are on your wish list. The information comes to you when you need it in real time. Residential Landscape Lighting and Design features RSS feeds that most of our customers consider “must reads” and check avidly on a daily basis for new information.

Our Residential Landscape Lighting Blog and Outdoor Landscape Lighting blog give free How-To information to lighting aficionados all over the world in quick, easy to read articles. Many of our blogs are actually responses to questions customers send us that we answer in detail and blog for public use. Others are summary articles that extract key elements of informative content from our many lighting topics.

If you don’t have time to read our newsletter or a full-page article in the morning, the blog gives you the quick snapshot of the main thoughts in each, and it includes a link that will send you back later, when you have more time to read, to the more in-depth, showcase article it references.

If you want daily updates on new products that save time clicking through categories, you can subscribe to 10 specific categories, or just sign up for the main RSS site feed and get them all in one fell swoop.

You can neatly organize and sort all your information and search for items on a as needed basis at your leisure. First was the cell phone, then the fax, then the internet, then email and now RSS is quickly becoming the standard for all electronic communications. It's amazing!

We hope you will consider pulling one or more of our lighting feeds and joining our growing community of lighting enthusiasts. Thank you and welcome to our world of fine lighting!