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The wireless age is here!  Now is the perfect time to think about replacing those manual switches with a remote control lighting system. If the many benefits of remote control lighting are not immediately obvious, it can probably be attributed to the fact that this is still a very new technology. The uses and advantages of a remote control lighting system seem to expound indefinitely by those who use them on a daily basis. Once you try it, it will change your entire understanding of home lighting control forever. No longer simply a matter of black and white, on and off, you may never be able to go back to traditional light switches again, after experiencing the convenience and comfort of a home remote lighting control system.

No matter how modest or ambitious your remote control lighting project, Residential Landscape Lighting & Design has the products and equipment you need.  Whether you just need a simple remote control for a single dimmer (Spacer System), whole room control (Grafix Eye 2000 & 3000) or a full-fledged remote control home lighting system (Radio RA), these exquisite products by Lutron--the most trusted name in residential lighting control--will exceed your expectations in terms of quality, as well as price!

Spacer System Remote Control Lighting.

The Spacer system is an excellent choice for those wishing to replace up to four light switches with dimmer control, with the additional option of a remote control.  We offer a Favorite Scene Remote Control, as well as a Four-Scene Remote Control, which allow for programmable options for instant recall.  Spacer System lighting control dimmers are available for single-pole as well as multi-location, incandescent (120V - line voltage) as well as Low Voltage (transformer) fixtures.  The designer gloss face plates come in your choice of colors.  For table and floor lamps that do not contain an integral dimmer, we offer a Table Lamp Dimmer that can be controlled by any of the remote controls described above.  

Grafik Eye 2000 / 3000 Remote Control Lighting.

Lutron's Grafik Eye 2000 & 3000 series' allow you sophisticated entire-room controls.  Choose between 2-zone, 3-zone and 3-zone control units, available in incandescent/magnetic low voltage, electronic low voltage, and fluorescent power options.  (Note: Low voltage and fluorescent units require Hi Power Booster.)  Each unit Grafik Eye 3000 unit can connect with up to 8 other Grafik Eye Units, for control of up to 48 zones.  Choose from among several attractive matte finishes.

Grafik Eye 4-scene remote controls and 8-scene remote controls allow you to choose from a variety of pre-set options, each evoking a particular mood.

Radio RA Remote Control Lighting System.

Lutron's Radio RA remote control lighting system is the premier choice for whole-home lighting control.  Radio RA is a wireless home lighting control system that easily retrofits into any home.  You can control the light in any room of your home, your car, bed, or even your swimming pool.  Scene buttons on your master control allow you to choose from many useful pre-settings.  One touch of the "TV" scene dims the lights and instantly turns your living room into a home theater.  Press "Welcome" to turn on the lights in your garage and in your major living areas.  The Radio RA remote control lighting system may also be integrated into your home security system.  You can configure your Radio RA to turn on all lights in the house, or flash when the system is tripped--quite a deterrent to even the most determined intruder!

We have all the components needed to install a full Radio RA remote control lighting system into your home, including incandescent and low voltage single- or multi-use dimmers, wall-mounted master controls with 5-, 10-, or 15-key pads for scene selection or light monitoring, table top master controls, power boosters for low-voltage and fluorescent units, as well as infrared units for use with remote controls. 

Full RA Remote Radio Control Lighting system packages are also available, with everything you need to get started.

If you have any questions about the remote control lighting systems we offer, or want suggestions about the products best suited to your application, do not hesitate to contact us.  The experienced professionals at Residential, Landscape Lighting & Design are eager to help you choose the best equipment for your project, and bring your home lighting system into the wireless age!

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