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Recessed lighting is used around this dome ceiling to illuminate the room below.There are only a few different types of light bulbs to choose from, and each one is distinctive in terms of the amount of brightness and heat it delivers. But the lighting fixture you use is at least as important as the bulb in shaping the subjective effect the light will have on the area you are illuminating. Recessed lighting fixtures are probably one of the most significant elements of your home lighting design system. There are many different types of recessed lighting fixtures offered by our company. Your decision will depend on several factors, such as how much light you need in each room, how adjustable you want the amount of light to be, and how to best eliminate glare given the dimensions and colors of the room or area you are illuminating.

In terms of reducing glare, the deeper your light bulb is recessed the better. Of course any room or situation has its practical limitations, which you must keep in mind when deciding which recessed lighting fixture is right for you. Another important aspect to consider is the color. We have many different colors to choose from, including black, white and gold. While our black recessed lighting fixtures absorb the greatest amount of light, minimizing glare, they have the disadvantage of making your recessed lighting fixture stand out more if the colors of your room are lighter. Conversely, while a white recessed lighting fixture is better disguised in a room with white walls, this color choice might create more glare. For any given room, however, an intelligent balance can be found. Click on the links below to view our products on recessed housings and recessed trims .

Among our product selection are recessed lighting fixtures specially designed to meet the needs of many different projects. We have lighting fixtures customized for remodeling work or new construction. Some of our lighting fixtures are even airtight to prevent dust accumulation and increase the life of your bulb. We have a number of halo recessed lighting fixtures which are useful for non-insulated ceilings or where insulation can be kept 3" from housing, as well as for accent and task lighting.

Installing recessed lighting might be a source of anxiety for less experienced, non-expert craftspeople. Rest assured that we offer products that have been carefully chosen to cater to those who prefer to "do-it-yourself" rather than hire a costly professional to do the job. In addition to providing extensive and helpful documentation with all of our recessed lighting products, we at Residential, Landscape and Lighting Design are available to assist you via email or phone. We not only offer a wide, high-quality product selection, but also have extensive on-hands experience working with and installing numerous fixtures and systems including recessed lighting. Our goal is to bring this experience to you, not only in choosing the right recessed lighting fixture for the job, but providing the support you need to ensure the job gets done right to the end. 

At Landscape Lighting and Design company, our goal is to provide you with the resources and information you need to make informed decisions about which fixtures will work best for you, and the quality product selections to meet the most discriminating demands of all our customers.

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