Patio Lighting for Functional, Decorative, and Purely Artistic Themes.

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Residential Landscape Lighting and Design offers patio lighting for functional, decorative, and purely artistic themes. With a full inventory of patio lights of all sizes from the top manufacturers in the world, Residential Landscape Lighting Design can furnish your entire patio with lights of all styles, sizes, purposes, and designs.  You can even find patio lights for special holidays and regional decorative themes, all at prices competitively offered to accommodate the wide variety of lifestyles our customers live. Choose today from our selection of functional, semi-decorative, and special decorative lights and start creating a whole new experience for your patio and entire backyard living experience.


Bell shaped hanging light is great over patio tables or anywhere in the garden.For enclosed patios, we offer a wide array of halogen patio and porch lights from manufacturers like Arroyo Craftsmen, Focus Industries, Aziano Lighting, and Adjustapost. Install these to light key areas of your patio and choose from a number of colors to control luminosity and atmosphere. Enhance them with some step lights and patio lights in styles ranging from the conservative and elegant to the chic, eclectic, and ultra modern. If you plan to host events on a regular basis and fear the light bill will skyrocket as a result, we can supply you with low-voltage barbeque lights that will lower the bill while bringing special ambience to your gatherings, dinner engagements, family reunions, and even showers and weddings! If cost is not a factor, and if you plan to do a great deal of photography, we have 120V patio lights with design aesthetics equal to those of their low voltage counterparts and wattages that can bring clarity and resolution when capturing your most memorable moments on video and film.


Don’t forget practicality when investing in patio lights with Residential Landscape Lighting Design. Knowing full well that you both relax and often work on the patio, RLLD supplies top quality flex lights and BBQ lights for cooking outdoors in twilight and at night. Our low voltage flex lights of patio cooking attach easily to charcoal and propane grills, picnic tables, and even workbenches.  Available in a variety of materials, finishes, and styles, you can find just what you need to match both your activities and decorative themes. Some even have telescoping arms so you can use them for multiple functions. During events you can attach them to the grill, and while relaxing or working on hobbies you can clamp them to your workbench after sunset.


Directional low voltage accent light designed to mount on arbors, fences, walls or to illuminate art in the garden.Of course, your patio needs deck or step lights that offer more than simple decoration and functionality. Being almost a home outside the home, it needs a theme that creates personality and atmosphere and makes you want to be there. RLLD carries a growing number of patio lights with purely aesthetic value to help you design special themes or decorate for special occasions. We have decorative patio and yard art lighting shaped like cacti, flamingos, and even Christmas trees!  hese really come in useful if you have a bar outside. You literally can create the look and feel of a public bar right in your own back yard, and bring your guests the added benefit of controlled and comfortable settings not always available in the mix of mainstream nightlife. If your bar is set back from the patio near the garden or back fence, invest in path lights from RLLD that will literally create a pathway of illumination from the barbeque to the beer. And, if your yard has a garden, we can enhance that as well with patio lighting complements to highlight hedges and flowers at night or patio speakers to liven up the party.


RLLD creates a full experience for our customers by offering them multiple directional accent lights designed with multiple experiences and lifestyles in mind. We know every patio, like every home, is unique. Start investing today in building the right patio lighting experience with its own unique expression. We add daily to infornmative lighting blogs, inventory, and we stand ready to answer the phone if you need to special order patio lights or expedite shipment.

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