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 Listen to music on your patio or near the pool from quality outdoor rock speakers.Few moments are more enjoyable than passing time with your friends and family in an outdoor environment. With the addition of music, these experiences are enhanced even further. Whether you are relaxing in the garden after dinner, or entertaining guests at a festive celebration, music has the magical ability to define a certain mood that might not otherwise be felt. The only problem is that most speakers are not built for an outdoor environment, and consequently, many people do not go to the trouble of setting up audio equipment outside—or at least, only in rare occasions. An outdoor rock speaker is the perfect solution for ensuring that music can be heard whenever and wherever you choose. These outdoor waterproof speakers are built not only to withstand most weather conditions, but best of all, to blend in with their surroundings. You could say our rock speakers are meant to be heard, not seen.

Depending on your needs, we have two series of outdoor or garden rock speakers available to choose from: the economy, and professional series. The economy series consists of low wattage speakers, 50 watt or 75 watt, which are sufficient for emitting subtle background music. If, on the other hand, TIC Garden Rock Speaker - Professional Series TFS11 you really want to “rock out,” our Omni professional professional speaker series come in 150 or 250 watt designs. With a few or several of these outdoor rock speakers set amongst the stones and foliage of your gardens and landscape plots, you can instantly create whatever mood you choose. As far as your guests will be concerned, the music will seem to be produced from thin air!

The camouflage design of our weatherproof outdoor rock speakers are employed in other ways, too. Our selection of rock lights are a clever source of extra outdoor lighting, hidden in a classy encasing. These clever fixtures can be installed into your garden in such a way as to be invisible by day, and a discreet source of illumination by night. You can use these terrasic “light rocks” to highlight particular effects of your landscaping, such as a fountain, a lovely tree, or a statue. Fitted with 35-watt flood light bulbs, these organically contoured artificial low voltage rock lights are easy to install and withstand most weather conditions. Each design of rock light offered by our company comes in a variety of colors, which can be ordered to your specification.

TIC Garden Rock Light - TS Stone Low Voltage Lights TIC TS4LU Whether you are looking for outdoor patio speakers, rock lights, or a combination of the two, we have a good selection of these products that are made by only the most trusted manufacturers. Their highest quality design will ensure safe and long-lasting performance. If you have any questions about these “rock” products, or how they may best be employed in your outdoor spaces, do not hesitate to give us a call—or drop us an email. Our courteous, knowledgeable staff is eager to assist you in creating the artful blend of light and sound that can make your outdoor spaces truly magical!  Contact us today!

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