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Outdoor string lights are a great way to add sparkle, charm or create a festive atmosphere for any holiday party, patio, festival or restaurant.  Not to be confused with traditional Christmas lights, globe lights or string lights offer the homeowner or designer a new tool for holiday or festival lighting.

A string light consists of a series of medium base or intermediate base sockets and decorative globe lamps spaced at various intervals creating a lighted string of lamps that can be suspended over an area.  String lights are designed to operate at 120 volts, although other voltages are available upon request.  Both transparent and ceramic globe lamps in a variety of colors and clear are available to meet virtually any application.  These light strings are made of UV resistant materials and are UL Approved for permanent applications when used in combination with GFCI protection.  Wire for lights strings comes in white, green and black to compliment ant décor.  Because these outdoor string lights are incandescent, they can be controlled with a Lutron dimmer for extending lamp life and mood setting.

Typical commercial applications for a party string light would be a Mexican restaurant, German beer garden, Italian pizza restaurants, Ice houses, atriums, patios and pergolas.  String lights are perfect for outlining buildings, highlighting rooflines, wrapping trees, following fences and highlighting many structures at amusement parks. 

Patio string lights are also used residentially to illuminate arbors, pool houses, playhouses for fun and nighttime enjoyment.  Just think how nice it will be to entertain you and your friends in the backyard with string lights hanging from the trees. Imagine the sparkling string lights in the skyline gently moving as the wind blows and shimmering lights from reflections in the pool.

Globe lights or light strings are only one of the many Christmas lights you can use for holiday lighting decorations.  Using an assortment of different size Christmas light bulbs and globe lights can create a stunning visual effect on any home of office.  By using a string light to outline the structure, twinkle lights in the trees, net lights on the bushes and yard art in the lawn area, you can add depth to your property from the street view.  Finish it off with a pre-lit Christmas tree and you will have the best look house on the block!

At Residential Landscape Lighting and Design we have many outdoor string lights, globe lights, twinkle lights, net lights, holiday lighted sculptures, seasonal lighted sculptures, and many outdoor landscape lighting products.

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