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Small pathlights illuminate stairways, steps and other safety hazards in the garden.
Homeowners, who are thinking about installing some low voltage outdoor lighting products for their property, should consider using a variety of illumination fixtures for their design. Low voltage outdoor lighting themes, which mix and match, give your home more curb appeal. Finding a quality retailer, who offers exactly what you need for your project, can be a daunting task. Many homeowners spend days and weeks shopping around to find the right product that will fit into their design theme. Residential Landscape Lighting and Design (RLLD) has a large stock inventory of quality low voltage outdoor lighting products from various brand name manufacturers.
RLLD is the one and only place to shop for low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures. Our online venue gives customers a variety of choices for their exterior landscape theme. We have a devoted staff of professional experts, who know their trade, and can assist you with any question you may have about your illumination project. Homeowners can select the right product the first time and get the information they need to know about how to install low voltage lighting fixtures. RLLD has illumination products that will bring your landscape out of the dark and allow you to enjoy the fruits of your labor during the evening hours.
Homeowners going about a low voltage outdoor lighting theme should keep a few things in mind. Transformers should always be purchased with any low voltage illumination fixtures for your outdoor environment. Buy a low voltage outdoor lighting transformer that will be large enough in case you want to add additional lights onto your project at a later time. Moreover, wiring should be pushed aside towards areas, where there is little foot traffic. This will reduce the chances of an accident occurring.
Low voltage path lights should also be spaced far apart. Leave enough room so you can do your yard work without damaging landscape machinery or the light fixture itself. Homeowners should also survey their property before purchasing any low voltage outdoor lighting products. Knowing the size of your property can help you better determine how many low voltage light fixtures you are going to require for your project.
RLLD has a variety of fine products for your outdoor landscape. We have outdoor wall sconces, which are perfect for adding a gentle splash of illumination over your porch and patio area. Our online venue also contains many different styles of outdoor garden lights and lanterns. These lights are perfect for throwing a soft touch of illumination over your flowers, trees, and shrubs. Our outdoor New Orleans style gas lanterns give your yard an archaic look and can turn a simple patio supper into a romantic evening with that special loved one.
We also have several bulb types depending upon your requirements. Our replacement light bulbs are divided into different categories and include halogen, incandescent, Xenon, and fluorescent to name a few. RLLD also has various commercial low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures and bulbs. Businesses can benefit from our high-pressure sodium bulbs, which are energy efficient and beautiful. We also offer LED bulbs, mercury vapor lamps, and metal halide lights to accommodate your needs. This is just a small sampling of the numerous bulb types we have in stock for your project!
Residential Landscape Lighting and Design is giving homeowners and businesses alike a fine touch of innovative illumination. We have low voltage outdoor lighting devices, which are energy efficient and stylish. Our professional experts can assist you with all of your lighting questions and help get you started in the right direction. Let your outdoor world dazzle in splendorous illumination from the divine products brought to you by your friends at RLLD. 
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