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Landscape LightingOur outdoor lighting fixtures carry a complete selection of all major categories of outdoor lighting equipment. Within these categories, we have multiple lines of high performance, energy efficient, and specialty lighting fixtures. With traditional lamp sources engineered for longer lamp and greater energy conservation, and with new fluorescent and now LED lamp sources that introduce superb savings-return-on-investments, facility managers can count on RLLD Commercial Lighting fixtures to deliver robust blend of energy efficiency, uniform distribution, and durable designs that last for years, if not decades.
New area lighting and street lighting fixtures feature LED lamp technology, vertical burn engineering, a full selection of various optics that provide superb illumination of grounds and thoroughfares, and new fixtures with increased light output at lower wattages.
Gooseneck Sign Lighting Fixture. Call Toll Free 800.239.2939 For A Free Custom Quote.Decorative lighting fixtures offer existing clients the opportunity to upgrade to LED without installing an entirely new commercial lighting system. Retrofits that often exceed the performance of standard, HID original fixtures now allow clients the opportunity to save money on two levels. Using over 40 percent less energy than HID, these lights save money on monthly power costs. Longer lamp life of well over 60,000 hours also saves money on replacements. Clients who prefer MH lamps can invest in highly aesthetic fixtures that feature full cutoff designs that eliminate light trespass. 
Outdoor Tennis Court Lighting FixturesOur selection of landscape lighting fixtures is no less impressive. New designs features such advantages as corrosion resistant lamp housings, new in ground lights with higher lumens output than previous generations, and outdoor lighting fixtures with reduced temperature lens technology. New bollards feature eclectic architectural designs with vandal resistant housings, while others operate with LED lamps that can last up to 100,000 lamp hours. 
 Car Dealer Outdoor Parking Lot Lighting Fixtures
Clients who are looking to light canopies, walkways, and parking garages can find an excellent blend of glare free, uniform lighting at reduced operating costs. New fixtures featuring T5 and T8 fluorescents produce amazingly uniform patterns of light. A number of soffit lights, some featuring LED lamps, others built with vertical burn engineering, offer ideal downl-ighting solutions for a variety of areas beneath overhang. Several types of HID canopy lights, along with surface mounted parking garage lights, are also available through RLLD Commercial Lighting. 
Architectural lights and building security lights offer clients a world of choices when it comes to making buildings stand out as landscape features in their own right. We have a number of new fixtures designed for designed for uplighting canopies, illuminating signs, and the uniform flood lighting of high building. The presentation of the building can further be enhanced with specialty fixtures such as step lights for entryways, stairways, walkways, and columns and building directory lighting, and building uplighting and downlighting fixtures.   We also have wall mounted outdoor lighting fixtures that compliment building features without the need for concealment, and we carry250 watt wall mounted sconces for building entrances.
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