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Outdoor Landscape LIghting FixturesRLLD Commercial Lighting supplies contractors and facility managers with a complete selection of outdoor landscape lighting equipment. Bullets and floodlights feature spread lenses, multiple shield options, color filters, and high performance spot and flood optics at lower operating costs. In-ground lights feature reduced temperature lens technology, LED retrofit options that save money on installation, operating, and maintenance costs, and variable optics. Halogen pathways lights are available in both line voltage and low voltage options. Bollards are decorative, vandal-resistant, and energy efficient.
RLLD floodlights and bullet lights can be used for a broad range of applications. In addition to providing perimeter security, they can be used in area lighting, sign lighting and lighting building walls. Bullet lights mounted in trees create superb moonlighting effects. Lighting designers have the option of mounting these fixtures on poles, structures, or stanchions. This allows them to generate a plethora of lighting effects such as grazing, silhouetting, backlighting, and shadowing.
Exterior Landscape Lighting FixturesPathway lights also expand the creative freedom of the lighting designer while reducing the maintenance costs of commercial outdoor landscape lighting. In addition to the traditional functions of accenting the borders of walkways, paths, and water features, RLLD path lighting fixtures can also dual function as accent lights for vegetation. Common applications include illuminating hedges, ground covers, and flowering plants in bloom.
In many commercial landscape applications, designers find themselves in a quandary when it comes to illuminating long stretches of walkway. In many of these environments, the facilities manager does not want pole mounted fixtures installed along the walkway for one reason or the other. The challenge of providing a clear, safe transit area is compounded by the length of the walkway. We commonly see this in walkways that border on large lakes, or along walkways stretching between buildings on corporate headquarter locations.

Bollards have proven the ideal substitute for pole mounted lights in a number of our case studies. Architecturally sophisticated, energy efficient, and vandal resistant, they deliver high performance pathway lighting and a superb compliment to surrounding building architecture. 
In-ground lights used for up lighting also feature new technologies that drive down operating and replacement costs. Halogen lights last longer now thanks to reduced temperature lenses and corrosion free housings. Businesses that really want to save money on replacements and power costs can also retrofit ground lights with new LED in-ground outdoor landscape lighting upgrades that last up to 100,000 hours and generate a high lumens output at reduced energy costs.
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