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Flush mount outdoor light from Residential landscape Lighting & DesignAs their name suggests, flush mount lights are designed to look “flush” against the surface of a ceiling, and brightly light an outdoor walkway, garage, carport, or work area to provide a safe nighttime environment in which to walk, work, or enjoy an evening outside.  RLLD flush mount lights feature highly decorative manufacture and finishes, and they will superbly enhance any outdoor or indoor lighting system.  Lighting design companies contracted by homeowners to develop custom lighting systems often use outdoor flush mount lights as a key outdoor lighting element in developing themes and applications where a particular area requires a high level of light without the obtrusiveness of a large, unsightly fixture.  RLLD’s large and growing inventory of these highly versatile pieces is dedicated to the unity of functionality and aesthetic by selectively merchandising outdoor lighting flush mounts that are both practical and highly decorative.


Residential Landscape Lighting and Design carries a wide range of flush mount types for outdoor lighting that address the broad spectrum of needs in a very highly diverse marketplace.  Because every home is different, its needs for illumination vary according to its own unique dimensions.  Some homes already have such powerful flood and landscape lights that they only require a decorative touch added to porch and patio ceilings. For these dwellings, we offer ornately designed outdoor flush mounts that feature soft white light and either globe or circular fixture design.  Lighting design consultants working in larger or custom-style homes can also recommend to their clients one of our many hand blown hanging lantern or brass finished flush mount lighting fixtures.  These feature powerful incandescents whose photo metrics are refracted by the pattern of the hand blown glass in such a way as to widely disperse the luminous field around an outdoor dining or entertainment area.  For outdoor walkways with overheard ceilings, RLLD provides its clients with a number of ceramic fixture designs that superbly compliment any row of wall sconces along the wall beneath.  They can also be used as a porch light in certain instances, although for lower porch ceilings we recommend high impact glass porch lights that are designed specifically to minimize the risk of accidental breakage.


To determine which outdoor flush mount light will offer maximum beam spread, lighting levels, and decorative compliment, it is necessary for homeowners designing their own lighting themes to make some measurements first.  The actual height and width of the ceiling and sidewall form the primary guidelines for selecting the best outdoor flush mount lights.  The circumference of the area to be lit is the next consideration to take into account.  As we previously noted, some outdoor lighting situations are primarily designed to host home entertainment functions and require a high level of aesthetic as well as bright light to set the mood for guests and family.  Surprisingly, clear glass can often provide the highest level of sophisticated decoration and conjunctive luminosity in these instances.  This is because clear glass can be blown with either beveled, elegant surfaces or multiple, refractive facets like those previously mentioned.  A flush mount light with a refractive clear glass fixture housing not only disperse the light over a wide area, but it also hides the incandescent filament within, making the fixture itself appear to be the source of light.  Power savings are delivered to the cost-conscious homeowner through fluorescent bulbs.  All outdoor flush mount lights are 120V, so work area energy efficiency is best achieved by choosing fluorescent as a functionally oriented light source alternative to incandescent bulbs.  Garages, workshops, and other task-oriented areas can be just as well-lit by a fluorescent overhead as they can by an incandescent, and due to the fact they are left on longer, lower monthly electric bills add up over a period of many months to recreate a noticeable return on investment.


Our flush mount lights for outdoor lighting provide a duality of quality lighting experience. They are both practically functional and highly pleasing to the eye.  RLLD lighting design specialists are happy to offer free guidance to any serious inquirers through our Ask an Expert forum, or they can be reached over the phone at 1-800-239-2939 during business hours.  Contact Us now to get free suggestions on which fixtures will work best for you, and place an order today.

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