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"When was the last time you forgot to turn off the light inside your refrigerator?"

"What’s that?  It turns off by itself?  What a concept!"

Whether you are designing a lighting system for your home or office, you could almost certainly benefit from some of the many, creative lighting controls offered by Residential, Landscape Lighting & Design.  You might, for instance, be interested in installing a door jamb switch for your cabinet or closet.  Or perhaps you would like to install an occupancy switch or place your restroom light on a timer.  The options for lighting control are virtually endless, allowing everything from movement or temperature to time of day to be a potential “light switch.”  Lighting controls not only bring safety and convenience to your building, but can also provide you with substantial savings on your electric bill.

Your choice of lighting control will be shaped by both the function of the space being lit, as well as by the degree of foreknowledge concerning a particular room’s use.  If you are lighting a conference room, for example, which is only used between the hours of three and six P.M. on weekdays, then you might benefit from a fully programmable lighting control timer device.  If, on the other hand, you are lighting a room that is significantly illuminated by outdoor sources, such as by skylight, then we have dusk-dawn lighting control timers that operate by photocell, activating during sunset and switching off at sunrise.  If the use of a room is sporadic, such as a bathroom, you might consider one of our occupancy lighting control sensors, which activate according to a person’s presence in the room.  This is detected, depending on the lighting control device you choose, according to movement, heat or both!  Another good option for a bathroom is our lighting control wall timer, with an attractive sleek design that can be installed flush to your wall.  And finally, for the “refrigerator effect,” we have a number of door jamb switches which can be installed to activate when a door is opened.  This is perfect for cabinets, closets, or any nook that only needs to be lighted for short periods of time.

However, the business of lighting control is not always so black and white.  Taking into account the many shades of difference between these extremes, we offer a number of stylish dimmer lighting controls that can help you fine tune the ambiance of your illuminated space.  Our Lutron Grafik Eye dimmers greatly enhance your lighting control systems, by allowing you to customize the fade timer as well as store pre-set “scenes.”  Using the optional remote control, you can easily set the mood of any room with the push of a button.  One Grafik Eye lighting control device can manage up to six lighting zones.

Depending on which type of lighting control device you choose, it is likely you may need to make use of one of our lighting contactor devices.  These allow you to connect higher amperage loads to a lighting control device.  This is helpful for applications where a single lighting control is switching several circuits at once.  We have both 30 amperage and 40 amperage models available with 12, 24 and 120 volt coils.

Each lighting control product is shipped with detailed installation instructions.  Feel free to call us toll free at 800-239-2939 if you have any questions or to discuss which lighting control device is right for your application. Just let us know what we can do to help!  We have experienced technicians ready to share their knowledge about lighting control and other lighting issues with you.  Don’t let your refrigerator be the only room in the house with practical lighting control! 

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