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The Summer Doesn't Have to End with Lighted Artificial Palm Trees

If you've ever felt winter would never end, you might want to think about adding lighted artificial palm trees to your life.  With their year round appeal and ability to weather even the most brutal snowstorm, you don't have to mope about, counting the days until spring.  In fact, if you've even felt a twinge of seasonal affective disorder (the winter blues), you might want to consider ways to brighten up your home with a lighted artificial palm tree instead of simply hibernating until the snow melts.

Starting with the Holidays

Since the holidays are generally a happier time for everyone – regardless of the weather – you might want to pick up a lighted artificial palm tree or two for your wintry decorations.  Instead of having Santa sitting out with his reindeer, you could have him relaxing in a beach chair with a cocktail.  Or you could simply eschew the traditional holiday decorations altogether and use lighted artificial palm trees in place of your Christmas tree.  No needles, no cleanup, and no additional decorations needed – it might just be the perfect way to setup and clean up your holidays without sacrificing any cheer.  You could also use neon lighted artificial palm trees that can hang on the exterior of your home instead of freestanding trees – especially when you're worried about animals getting into the holiday spirit and potentially hurting themselves.

Bringing the Luau to Your Party

But decorations like artificial palm trees aren't just for the outside of your home either.  You can bring in these festive lights and create a beach scene inside of your home.  Turn up your thermostat and tell all of your guests to wear Hawaiian shirts or their bathing suits.  Find some island themed music and eat barbequed foods.  You can even have a limbo contest or try to learn Hawaiian dances to help chase the winter doldrums away.  From the invitations to the music, you can pretend as though you're thousands of miles away with your friends and family – even if you can't afford to leave your state just yet.  Minus the airplane rides and the crowds of tourists, your little beach party can be the hit of the snowy days.

Any Day Beach Feeling

When your child wants to create a beach scene in their bedroom, you might want to take a lighted artificial palm tree and add them to their bedroom corners.  This will not only produce a soft glow to the room, but these trees can be easily moved and they're completely safe for all ages.  By adding light blue walls and maybe a mural of sandy shores, your child can have a calm tropical room that will help lull them to sleep.

No matter what you might use lighted artificial palm trees for, they're certain to keep you from feeling down in the winter time.  And even though spring will come again, you can still turn on your trees and recapture that beachside feeling – any time of year.

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