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Holiday topiary trees and Christmas lighting supplies from Residential Landscape Lighting & DesignTopiary trees come in all shapes and sizes, many of which have specialty decorative themes and ornamentation.  Topiary is literally a “sculpted tree,” and the term can either refer to an organic plant or artificial work of art.  Although our trees are artificial, they bring a sense of life through art that transcends the temporal and the organic.  Our larger lighted topiary trees contain hundreds of lights and make excellent outdoor Christmas decorations.  Some look as if though they were made from light itself.  Some even look like Santa’s elves, and make a front yard dance with music and form.  Such artwork makes life art, and Christmas legend Christmas memory.

Most of our customers buy more than one lighted topiary tree when shopping with us.  Many will begin by choosing two identical topiaries from several tall tree designs we offer.  For example, our 7’ topiary tree comes with 400 clear lamps and 2,171 tips.  The number of artificial needles, combined with the sheer luminosity of the piece, makes it come to life and produce enough lighting to illuminate the front door for guests--especially when matched with an identical tree on the other side of the entrance.  Homeowners can add an additional touch of decorative accent that will seem organic by “planting” their 7’ lighted topiaries in baskets or large flowerpots.  For the gardener with path lights already installed along the sidewalk, a few 3-ball topiary trees with small, clear lights will look better as more subdued, but still visible, decorative elements leading from the driveway all the way up to the front steps.

The inside of a house normally has a vestibule or foyer that requires special attention during holidays.  This is the first room visitors see upon entering a room, and a room they are certain to stay in at least for a minute to remove shoes and coats.  A number of smaller lighted topiary trees, both lighted and decorative, can create an eclectic holiday theme that sets a tone of warmth and welcome for travelers coming in from the rain, the snow, or the cold. 

If there is a small table in the foyer, it is the perfect place for our 30” multi ball lighted topiary tree.  Featuring 35 lamps shaped like Christmas balls, it looks like a miniature Christmas tree that lights the way to the larger tree in the main dining, living, or family area.  For a touch of romance, or for another adjunct piece(s) in a nearby or adjoining room, consider buying a tree with heart-shaped branches that foreshadow the approach of Valentine’s Day, not with darkness, but with light.

For table areas, try a small 25” harvest topiary tree.  Featuring pumpkin, squash, and berries, it comes with 35 lighting lamps, it makes and excellent visual compliment to the aesthetic elements of a full course Christmas dinner.  For extremely large dining areas, one can compliment this with our pear tree topiary, featuring 320 tips, 100 light bulbs, and bows.

For either front yard or Christmas scene displays, RLLD offers one of the most brilliant and innovative designs found anywhere in the marketplace--- a topiary tree shaped like an elf made from light.  These trees look so much like Santa’s elves that they catch the eye twice.  The viewer either instantly processes the initial glance as a tree, then takes a double take and sees an elf, or the viewer sees an elf made out of light that at second glance seems to be springing from a dancing, playing tree.  The associative meaning resulting from the first glance really depends on the positioning of the piece in relationship to either garden decorations or holiday lighting displays of Santa and his reindeer.   Each of our elf topiaries features 400 lights, and each one depicts an elf doing something different to celebrate Christmas.  One blows a horn like an angel.  The other twirls a baton in anticipation of New Year’s Parades soon to come.  The other plays a drum like the little boy in the song.  The possibilities of decorating with just these three topiaries alone make decorating the Christmas tree seem two-dimensional in comparison!

When calling RLLD to order topiary trees or slim Christmas trees, please feel free to ask us for additional decorative ideas on how to enhance Christmas using sculptures of living light that celebrate the season.  We are happy to help you design your entire home in a whole new light just in time for Christmas.

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