Light Switches have come a long way since Thomas Edison.

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Light Switches! Once used only to turn lights on and off, light switches have now become critical components to home automation systems.  They can control the brightness of lighting with exact precision in any room in the house or location on your property.  Residential Landscape Lighting and Design supplies light switches of all varieties ranging from timers, sensors, 3-way switches, dimmer switches, and RadioRA controls with remote access capability.  With RLL’s vast inventory, you can create virtually any home automation system you desire regardless of your home’s size, age, or design.


If your lighting theme requires modulating luminosity for different moods and occasions, then we can help you achieve this will a multitude of dimmer light switch options from manufacturers like Lutron and Leviton.  Dimmer switches work by directly manipulating the sine waves of alternating current to create varying degrees of resistance that in turn output higher or lower voltage to the lights.  This technology allows you to use a simple toggle or knob on the switch to adjust your light levels from near darkness to normal brightness.  Choose from specialized features like built-in soft glow nightlight, mechanical air gap switches that disconnect load power, and even find switches with LED light level indicators here at RLL’s online store.  Not only do our light switches add convenience to your lighting theme—they come engineered with convenience themselves.


If you are looking for sensor light switches that will take home automation up another step, take a look at some of our door jam light switches.  With a few of these, you can literally turn on the lights simply by walking in the house.  This is very useful when coming home with a bag full of groceries, or when your hands are filled with luggage upon return from a business trip or vacation. Furthermore, you don’t even have to be home at all to turn the lights on or off, or to control their brightness.  RLL carries a number of light switch timers for both indoor and outdoor use.  Our 60-minute timers can turn your lights off an hour after your departure, making it look like someone is home and going to bed.  For outdoor lighting, select from motion sensor light switches and transformer timers in both 120V and low voltage options.   With these devices you can extend your home automation to your front and back yards, manipulating landscape, patio, garden, and deck lighting with equal convenience.


For those who prefer the ultra sophisticated, RLL supplies RadioRA dimmer switches that take home automation to the highest level of technology available in lighting design.  RadioRA uses radio frequencies to communicate with wireless light switches within the system.  You can literally control lights and lighting levels from the kitchen, the car, or even remotely over the phone with a touchtone interface!  RLL sells both individual RadioRA control units and light switches, and we also make selection simple for newcomers to wireless technology by bundling the essentials in Lutron RadioRA application packages made specifically for homes of all sizes, ranging from condos to 5,000 sq. ft. custom homes.


Residential Lighting and design serves as a one-source shop and solution center for home automation lighting and light switches.  Regardless of your home’s size or age, we have something here for you.  Find it today online, or give us a call now to start enjoying control and convenience unparalleled by any past experience in lighting you have had.


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