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LIGHT ROPE is everywhere these days.  You can see rope light illuminating cabinets, highlighting coves, outlining decks, as well as colorful lighted yard art and too many other applications to list.  Light rope is one of the most flexible linear lighting tools in the lighting designer’s arsenal.  It is low cost solution to other linear lighting products.

Rope lighting products come in many diameters, colors and voltage types.  The most popular version of LIGHT ROPE is the ½” diameter.  It was the most widely used until the 3/8” rope light appeared on the market.  The 3/8” light rope, because of the smaller profile, is much easier to bend and provides more flexibility to be creative. Cove lighting and lighted sculptures are perfect applications for 3/8” ROPE LIGHTING.

Bulk rolls of light rope from Residential Landscape Lighting & Design.

Professional grade Light rope from Residential Landscape Lighting & Design is sold by the roll.  Each light rope roll is 150’ in length and comes with all the necessary hardware and connectors to install the product according to UL regulations and the manufacturer’s specifications.  Our 120 volt rope light is designed for outdoor use and carries a wet location listing.  It is always a good idea to install light rope in conjunction with a GFCI receptacle.  A ground fault circuit interrupter device instantly turns power off to your light rope in the event of an electrical short circuit or dangerous grounding situation. So whether you are using ROPE LIGHTING around decks, stairways, boat docks or outlining buildings, always use a GFCI receptacle.

For most residential or commercial applications clear light rope is the most versatile.  The warm color produced by the incandescent lamps blends nicely with other lighting fixtures that might be used in the space.  LIGHT ROPE can be shaped to follow the contour of coved ceilings and is an excellent indirect lighting source.  The continuous glow of a well placed rope light fixture will dramatically highlight architectural details such as moldings, hand painted ceilings and wood carvings.  Colored rope lights, such as blue, red, yellow and green are sometimes used in home theaters to create a blue sky and sunset effect.  You can also use several primary colors of rope lighting, switch each of them separately with a dimmer and create unlimited colors for different occasions.  Rope lighting is a perfect way to make that home theater a special room in your house.

LIGHT ROPE can also be used as a great night lighting source.  Hide the rope in the toe space of the bathroom cabinets and treat you kid’s or guests to a friendly way of navigating the bathroom at night.  It’s these special applications that make rope light one of the most flexible linear lighting sources.

Rope lights are easy to install and easy to retrofit into existing display cabinets.  Adding a linear light source to a display cabinet can provide a special design element to any room.  Most cabinets provide a vertical stile between sections that is perfect for concealing the light rope.  Small holes can be drilled into the base cabinet where electrical connections can be made and hidden from normal view.  Used in combination with a DIMMER CONTROL, light rope can be adjusted to set the mood. 

Internal shelf lighting adds depths, character and charm.  Installing light rope is a great weekend project that the most simple minded handyman or handywoman can conquer.  It is great way to showcase family portraits, sculptures, figurines, books and other collectables.

Here at Residential Landscape Lighting & Design we specialize in ROPE LIGHTING.  We are the experts and have the inventory to stand behind our words.  So, if you are looking for countless rolls of quality light rope at affordable prices, give us a call toll free at 800-239-2939 and one of our friendly customer services representatives will assist you with your order.

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