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As Christmas draws near, it is time to start thinking about decorating your Christmas tree with lights, icicles and other ornaments that will bring warmth to your home or place of business this holiday season. Should you find that you are inadequately stocked with Christmas tree lights, do not wait until the last minute. The most popular Christmas tree lights, such as icicle string lights, often sell out in the early weeks of the holiday season.

At Residential Landscape Lighting & Design, we offer an extensive selection of mini, C7 lights, C9 lights and LED Christmas tree lights for you to choose from—as well as decorative light sculptures and other seasonal items.

Rope and String LED Christmas Tree Lights.

There may be no type of bulb better suited to hang upon a Christmas tree than LED lights. Offering the most intense light, longest life, lowest energy use and lowest heat of any lighting product on the market today, LED lights are the safest and most efficient option for Christmas tree decoration.

Our colorful LED C6 Mini Lights offer up to a staggering 100,000 hour lamp life, while using 80-90% less electricity than ordinary Christmas tree lights. This means you can string more lights together using a single outlet. With a strong UV rating, LED Christmas lights are also appropriate to outdoor use. Diodes are much stronger than ordinary bulbs, meaning they are less likely to get crushed or damaged in storage.

LED Rope lights can be used on Christmas trees as well. Given the low energy usage, LED rope lights can be strung in one continuous strand—up to 300 feet! Like the C6 Mini Lights, LED rope can last up to 100,000 hours. While the color will fade over time, the gas powered bulbs will never “burn out.” Strong and durable, LED Christmas rope lights can be stored again and again without becoming vulnerable to damage or breakage.

Mini Christmas Tree Lights.

We offer both premium and commercial grade mini Christmas tree lights, which are safe for both indoor and outdoor use. While both use the same amount of wattage, the commercial series has about twice the bulb life as the premium (3,000 and 1,500, respectively.) Both are offered in strings of 35, 50 or 100 lights, with spacing ranging from 2.5 to 6”. At .96 watts per bulb, mini lights are safe for use on natural or artificial Christmas trees, although it is still recommended that you turn them off after hours. Our mini Christmas tree lights come in a range of colors, including amber, blue, pink, yellow, green & red.

If you want Christmas tree lights that twinkle like the stars above Bethlehem, our twinkle mini lights are the perfect solution. We offer both 15ft and 80ft strands (sold in sets of 12) with lights spaced every 6”. With an incredibly long bulb life, 25,000 hours, these lights are ideal for permanent installation.

LED icicle Christmas lights are another popular item. If you want these, don't delay, as they sell out quickly every year! With a range of options regarding the spacing of the strings, as well as the lights themselves, icicle Christmas tree lights can be used practically anywhere. Call us for availability.

C7 & C9 Christmas Tree Lights.

Our C7 and C9-bulb Christmas tree lights are sold in 25', 50', 100' and even 1000' sections. (For the 1000' strands, you may choose 6”, 12”, 24” or 36” spacing.) Choose from transparent or ceramic options, with colors including Orange, Blue, Green, Red, and Assorted. Twinkle options are available in all colors for both C7 & C9 bulbs. (Bulbs sold separately.) These string lights are the classic choice for Christmas tree light decoration, and here at Residential Landscape Lighting & Design, we have every option imaginable.

If you don't see the Christmas tree lights you are looking for, or have any questions regarding the products described above, do not hesitate to give us a call. The experienced professionals at Residential Landscape Lighting & Design are happy to help you find exactly the product you want, and make this holiday season the brightest yet!

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