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LED gooseneck lighting combines the best of simple, traditional elegance with the most advanced luminaire technology to ever emerge in the history of the world. Goosenecks established themselves long ago as mainstays in any building exterior lighting application that requires a top-down distribution of light around building perimeters, facades, and company signs. Now, with LED lights, they offer electrical contractors even more value to pass on to corporations, municipalities, and retailers looking to put their best face forward to the world. 
LED gooseneck lights feature many attributes that electrical contractors can use to pass superior performance and long-term savings to their clients. Aesthetically, these fixtures perform at a level of excellence that ranks them among the best architectural lights on the US market. Color stability is above Energy Star requirements. With a CRI rating of 86, these LED exterior lights do an excellent job of lighting building edifices, facades, and signs. 
Both architectural motif and color are superbly enhanced as a result. Cold weather starting ensures reliable performance even in the heart of winter. Operability returns investment with a high energy efficiency. Fixtures operate at 13 watts only, with a 37.8 lumens per watt output. This, combined with photometric design services by RLLD.Net, enables contractors to light everything from historical buildings, hotels, restaurants, retail stores, commercial headquarters, and industrial buildings such as warehouses and factories.
LED Wall-Pack Light Fixtures Outdoor Full Cutoff LED gooseneck lights are one of the best choices to make when choosing fixtures for commercial building lighting applications. Architectural lightin fixtures should bring out the rich details of brickwork, paint, building eaves, and decorative awnings. Ideally as well, the fixtures used to highlight these building features should also contribute aesthetically to the scene. Also, general lighting must be uniform over the entire surface area being illuminated. All of these things are possible with the new gooseneck LEDs. Not only are businesses seeking them out, but also many municipalities have chosen to decorate historical districts with these elegant, yet fundamentally simple fixtures that blend well with a variety of architectural styles and historical themes.  
LED Step LIghts & Brick Lighting Fixtures  
 LED gooseneck lights are also quite possibly the very best choice for sign lighting. Signs often feature very unique proportions that require custom patterns of luminance to properly bring the lettering to the forefront of the viewer’s perspective. The light must be bright, but without glare, in order to stand out in the night and be seen clearly and comfortably. Swan neck lights, as goosenecks are also called, give contractors the power to place the light on any sign at just the right level of intensity, and at just the right angle, to bring out the color and detail of company branding. Additionally, it is also undeniably true that the decorative subtlety of the fixtures themselves also adds a certain aesthetic virtue to the sign itself that magnifies its attraction factor even more and brings greater attention to the business it advertises.
LED Landscape Lighting FixtureBrass LED Landscape Lighting Fixture In Ground Up LIght
Residential Landscape Lighting and Design experts are always available to help electrical contractors not only find the best LED gooseneck lights to use for specific applications, but also to assist in lighting design. With photometric software, we will help you determine the best placement options and lighting angles of incidents by rendering 3D models of proposed fixture layouts. 
Call us Toll Free 1-866-654-3961 today to get your next bid developed with not only the best technology, but the best recommended applications of that technology to pass on to your clients. 
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