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LED Christmas lighting and Lighted Sculptures for every holidayLED Christmas light strings offer both retailers and homeowners decorative holiday options that adapt to virtually any environment.  Like all string lights, Christmas led lights feature bulbs seated in sockets spaced along a flexible wire at intervening intervals.  The design allows them to either hang or wrap around a variety of structures and makes them adaptable to both indoor and outdoor Christmas lighting.  LED strings by RLL offer a variety of color and bulb designs that bring variety and festivity to commercial enterprise and private entertainment.  Regardless of design or size, each string of led Christmas lights offers the same benefits of all LED lighting RLL provides—cost effectiveness, longer bulb lights, and brighter colors.

Restaurants especially benefit from LED string lights at Christmas time because they already operate at a higher level of overhead.  During holidays, restaurants are open for longer hours, and during winter months in northern states the heating costs inflate the already high power bills.  Many times they feel they have to minimize decorative lighting to save on bills.  LED commercial Christmas string lights eliminate the need to make these kinds of sacrifices.  With the right combination of Christmas LED lights and string light commercial power taps, restaurant owners can now decorate exterior foliage and entrances, patios, outdoor fountains, and foyers with strategic, innovative lighting design.  Our commercial grade LED string light power taps actually divide the current of a primary circuit, allowing multiple strings fitted with commercial grade LED bulbs to connect to a select number of outlets.  Because LED’s operate at cool temperatures and consume only 10-20% the amount of power consumed by other lights, they will not overload circuits.  With just a few power taps, extension sets, and any number of commercial grade bulbs, the entire façade of the restaurant stays lit all night with minimal power cost.

Retailers also benefit in many similar ways to restaurant managers by decorating their store entrances with LED Christmas lighting strings.  With the right adapters and extension sets, an entire doorway can be both horizontally and vertically “framed” in red, green, yellow, or even purple lights.  LED Christmas lighting strings also make excellent window decorations.  Many large department stores lace the upper areas of store display with commercial grade 4 and 6 inch led Christmas lights on strings.  For display windows with curtains, LED Christmas string lights by nature operate at cool temperatures and offer a safe lighting enhancement that will not heat the material, adding accent to design throughout the night.  Clothing, furniture stores, and accessories shops frequently add this touch to attract attention from passing window shoppers.  For store interiors, the possibilities are as wide ranging as the number of departments and types of merchandise.  Some retail managers will decorate walls with LED Christmas string lights to attract customers to key areas of the stores.  Others in multi-storied department stores may use them on stairways or escalators.  Because LED light bulbs are so difficult to break, they offer a durable source of lighting in heavy foot traffic and places where children occasionally play.

Perhaps the most popular residential application for LED Christmas string lights is for use in Christmas parties.  When entertaining family and friends either on the patio or the living room, one can always designate a separate space for the party by subtle decorative cues that point the crowd in a certain direction and say, “this is where the party is really happening.”  One of our more popular lines for Christmas party lighting is the LED G-12 Christmas light string, featuring four-inch bulbs available in four bright, differentiated colors.  This light looks like a holiday light but is obviously not a typical Christmas tree light or standard decorative piece.  It works exceptionally well to differentiate key areas of the party as separate from more private areas of a home or office.  One can even buy four different sets in four different colors, each one for a separate area like a patio, a large front porch, a dining room, and the kitchen/bar area. 

RLL encourages creativity in lighting design and strives to make as many options possible for commercial and possible use.  We also aim to make these options affordable for large and small clients alike.  LED Christmas lights address all of our customer-focused objectives both in lighting quality, cost effectiveness, and wide range of use.  See all that we have to offer now, and contact us today to place your order just in time for Christmas.

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