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Kitchen and breakfast room lighting fixtures.From the perspective of a professional lighting designer, the kitchen is one of the more interesting and versatile projects one can tackle. Filled with numerous nooks and crannies, cabinets and appliances, shelves and other specialized areas such as islands, kitchens can present more lighting challenges than any other room in your home. Lighting for kitchens, however, does not have to be daunting. Quite the contrary, it can really be a lot of fun! The professionals at Residential Landscape Lighting & Design have the knowledge and experience necessary to make the most of your kitchen lighting design project. Not unlike the kitchen lighting fixtures we offer, we can really make your kitchen shine!

Nothing is more unfriendly than a dark cabinet. Not only does it make it impossible to find what you are looking for, it is often enough to make even the most fearless soul wonder what critters might be lurking inside! Our kitchen cabinet lighting eliminates the mystery of finding that special spice or utensil, so that what you see is really what you get! Some of the more popular solutions to this common problem can be found among our selection of metal light strips. These make excellent kitchen cabinet lighting (they work equally well in china cabinets, book cases, and display cases) by delivering a surprising amount of light with the utmost efficiency.

Our kitchen light CM series come in an attractive painted finish, fitted with clear incandescent festoon lamps. These galvanized metal trim fixtures are an effective and inexpensive option for kitchen cabinet lighting. Another is the sleek Phantom HM series. These unique kitchen lighting strips are installed by running a continuous light strip below each shelf or underneath the upper cabinets to provide smooth, even illumination. Small festoon lamps, attached to a solid metal trim, are completely concealed by a custom glare shield. This series includes the 4” Xenon strips, which are a perfect “dimmable” solution, not only for kitchen lighting, but also for task lighting in pantries, offices, or desk areas.

Task lighting for kitchensIn addition to metal strip incandescent lighting, we offer a number of halogen kitchen lighting options for your shelves or cabinets. Designed by the trusted lighting manufacturer Alkco, these fixtures are guaranteed to deliver long lasting even illumination for your difficult spaces, with an attractive exterior feel.

Of course, no kitchen lighting project would be complete without attractive overhead lighting. For a classical look, we recommend one of our wrought iron “alabaster” chandeliers. Diffusing light through milky white glass, these attractive overhead kitchen lighting fixtures are an excellent way to turn your kitchen into a relaxing space that everyone in your home will want to congregate! Try it and see for yourself.

Whether you are looking for kitchen cabinet lighting, overhead lighting for your kitchen table or island, or any other specialized lighting need, the experts at Residential Landscape and Lighting design are ready to put their knowledge to use for you! Just send us an email, or give us a call today.

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