What You Need for Your Indoor Lighting Transformers

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When most people think of transformers, they have in mind their outdoor applications. Most often these are used to convert the 120 volt household power down to a lower voltage – typically 12 volts. Not all low voltage needs are outdoors. There are many projects for which you might need  indoor lighting transformers. You exact project needs will determine the type and number of transformers you will need. Since these are intended for low voltage uses, most people with a basic working knowledge of electricity should be able to install them, but you must turn off the power first to be safe. If you have any questions in the selection or installation of your  indoor lighting transformers, then you will need to consult with an expert electrician. He will be able to help guide you through the steps needed in choosing the best transformer for your specific project needs.

Electricity in a home comes in at 120 volts in the United States, but there are many lighting fixtures and appliances which are used in and around the home that only use 12 volts. These low voltage uses require an indoor lighting transformers to convert the amount of power coming to them. Transformers can be used indoors or out, but outdoor models will be weather-proof, while indoor units do not have to be so.

When you are narrowing down your indoor lighting transformers choices, you will need to take into consideration what you will wire to it. There is a simple formula to ensure that you will have enough power going to all of your fixtures. Add the wattage of all of the fixtures which you will have going to your transformer. The total wattage must be less than that of the transformer itself. There are many options for wattage. These can range from 60 watts up to 150 watts. Do not overload these by connecting too many fixtures, or having too many watts. That will cause the transformer to blow out and cease operation.

One of the most common uses for  indoor lighting transformers is to “step down” the power to operate a 12 volt doorbell. These are wired directly to the doorbell, and it is a simple project which often takes less than half an hour. All it involves is connecting the wires from the push buttons for the front and back doors to the chimes, and then wiring the chimes to the transformer. Be sure that when you are connecting the wires to the transformer that you turn off the power in order to prevent accidents. Other low voltage applications are usually just as simple in their installation, but if you have any questions about steps, equipment or requirements, ask an expert to help you with the advice you need for installing your indoor lighting transformers.

Choosing this equipment is not difficult to do, but if you need assistance in finding the best indoor lighting transformers for your home or business, it would be best to ask an expert who will help to guide you through the steps for the selection of these parts.

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