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Incandescent lamps are still one of the most common lighting fixtures used within the home. These bulbs are typically used throughout the home, and for portable lighting applications, such as, table lamps, flashlights, and car headlamps. The incandescent bulb usually has to be replaced over time with some other type of illumination device, such as a fluorescent lamp or LED illumination. However, incandescent bulbs were one of the first types of lighting devices developed by our forefathers, and this history continues to have its impact on modern day society. People marvel over Thomas Edison’s invention in the United States, and it is considered to be one of the most useful innovations known to man. In Britain, Joseph Wilson Swan is credited with developing this unique fixture.
Residential Landscape Lighting and Design (RLLD) has a beautiful selection of incandescent lamps, along with numerous other illumination fixtures. Our vast online venue gives customers the appropriate illumination devices for their home or commercial setting. We have a professional staff that is ready to assist you with your selection. These experts are also available to answer any question  you may have about lighting design and technique. We have numerous incandescent lamps, along with outdoor landscape products and security lighting fixtures to accommodate your requirements. It does not matter what type of illumination fixture you are searching for, RLLD has exactly what you need to get the job done.
The incandescent lamp offers a source of artificial illumination that function primarily through incandescence. Electricity passes through a thin filament, warming it and causing it to dispel illumination. The glass bulb acts as a capsule and prevents oxygen from reaching the filament. If the oxygen reached the filament then it would destroy it because of high oxidation levels. Incandescent bulbs, better known as electric lamps, can be manufactured for numerous voltage ranges. These bulbs do not have the best luminosity efficiency and many are eventually replaced by other types of lighting fixtures over time.
Most of the power eaten up by an incandescent bulb is in the form of heat, and not visible light. This is one of the reasons why these lamps are not very popular in commercial spaces. The higher heat output from these lamps results in higher energy bills because of the increased need for air conditioning in the summer months. However, incandescent bulbs are relatively inexpensive and still remain a popular choice among homeowners.
Incandescent bulbs have a glass enclosure (an envelope) that consists of either a vacuum or some kind of noble gas. Irving Langmuir filled these bulbs with an inert gas and discovered that this gas reduces evaporation of the filament. It also reduced the overall strength of the glass surrounding the filament. The filament, located inside the bulb, consists of tungsten wire and is capable of conducting an electrical current. The electrical current heats the filament to a high temperature (around 2000K to 6000K, depending upon the fixture) and produces a light source for residents to utilize. Many homeowners who purchase incandescent lamp fixtures use them in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and within other rooms where inexpensive illumination may be preferable. Many incandescent lamps are now being replaced by more energy efficient alternatives, such as LED and fluorescent bulbs.
Residential Landscape Lighting and Design has everything you need in the illumination department. We have a fine line of incandescent lamps and numerous energy efficient alternatives depending upon your needs. Our online selection gives customers the right choice for their illumination design theme. It does not matter whether you are searching for commercial based lighting or require a gorgeous touch of showcase illumination for your home, RLLD has something for everyone. Come check out our online selection today and give your space a brilliant touch of functional illumination!

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