In Ground Bullet Lights & Other Grade Level Up Lights

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Solid spun copper in ground bullet light is perfect for uplighting trees, plants, houses and buildings with halogen lighting.Lighting the exterior of your home or business might come as an afterthought, but the landscape outside of your home or business should not be neglected. There are many different ways in which people choose to accent parts of their land and building. If you are looking to spotlight a certain feature, you will want a light that can be directed accordingly and focuses just on what you want to showcase. In ground bullet lights or well lights are ideal for uplighting an area, particularly to bring out a bit of drama from an otherwise drab shrub or tree. Depending upon the type of inground bullet lights you choose, installation of them can be as simple as a weekend project for an amateur. You also could opt for a more elaborate, professionally installed display for a commercial property. The choices are up to you and what will work best with your landscape.

There are many things to consider if you are looking to install in ground bullet lights outside your home or business. For home applications, you will likely want to use low voltage lights. There are many benefits to low voltage in-ground bullet lights for homeowners. First of all, low voltage lights require less electricity. This means that they are cheaper to operate than high voltage in ground fixtures. Another boon to low voltage lights is that the electricity is at a low enough power to allow a weekend handyman to install the lights him (or her) self. If you have a basic knowledge of electrical installation, then you should be able to put these lights in your yard. Be aware, though, that if you intend to install low voltage grade level lights in your yard, you will need to get a transformer to convert the 120 volts from a household outlet to the typical 12 to 24 volts required by low voltage lights. These low voltage options are typically the choice for homeowners due to their ease of installation and low operation costs, but if you own a commercial business, you might find that you need something with a bit more power.

Commercial grade well light designed for both HID lighting as well as halogen or fluorescent light sources.If your business has a large area to be lit, you will probably want to have a set of professionally installed high voltage brass inground bullet lights. The difference between low and high voltage lights is the amount of electricity that they require and the brightness they put out. For the ultimate in brightness and a professional look, you will need to consult with a professional electrician to determine the number and type of in ground directional bullet lights you need. These lights will help you to direct light beams from the ground level in any direction you want. Many business owners choose to have these illuminate signs, facades or  architectural features of their exterior. You will be able to get more light from high voltage lights, but due to their nature, they are too dangerous to install by an amateur. You will need to hire a professional contractor.

If you still have questions about the type or number of inground bullet lights you might need, ask an expert or call us toll free at 800-239-2939. Truly professional experts will guide you toward the best choices for your project, not just what they can sell to you. With their expertise and advice, selecting and installing your in-ground bullet lights can be easy.

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