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We specialize in the electrical wiring and design of home automation solutions. Our staff of experienced consultants and designers works with architects, custom homebuilders and remodelers, providing innovative wiring solutions in today’s age of whole house communications and home automation.

Our entry into the 21st century is exciting for all of us, as communication and television technologies advance at an ever-increasing rate. A few years from now homes without advanced network wiring installed may be as obsolete as one with outside plumbing today. As new technologies emerge and become more connected, having a home network will make it so much easier to keep up with the advancements. Many of the system's already in your home would benefit from being able to be interconnected. For instance connection of computers allows file sharing and being able to use different printers and hardware. Multi-room television and video play back with out multiple video and DVD players. A phone call from your office or car will be able to turn on your lights as well as pre-heating your oven.

Whole house audio systems can allow you to listen to your favorite music in any room of the house. Some of today’s systems can even use your existing audio equipment. Others give you a display of what CD or radio station you are listening to in each room. But the importance of a structured home automation wiring system goes far beyond what it allows you to connect now. The key is in what it will allow you to do in the future. At Residential Landscape Lighting & Design we know tomorrow’s needs and offer home automation wiring solutions today that are best suited to our customer’s homes and lifestyle - all in anticipation for tomorrow’s advancement.

We continuing ability to keep abreast of today’s home automation system advances allows us to offer you the advanced electrical and wiring solutions. As leading designers we know exactly what works-what doesn’t. There’s no costly learning curve with us. We know our tools-the world's best electrical products-and how to effectively harness them, time-after-time.

By having our designers consult with architects, builders and interior designers and in specifying original equipment, including house wiring, consistent high quality is always assured. Existing homes produce electrical design challenges that are creatively resolved every day with stunning results. Much of our success is due to its long-standing familiarity with custom home design practices.

Installation of home automation systems by our electricians follows as a sensible corollary to design. These tandem procedures by a single source provide continuity and emphasize the responsibility to provide owners with a system that works trouble-free from day one.

Our electricians, all of them well qualified, each with deep experience, are familiar with the high-quality, high-performance equipment they install. As caretakers of the systems, we can provide on the spot service and maintenance needs without delay via an extensive maintenance fleet.

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