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Members Discounts on Holiday Home Decor

Fourth of July holiday lighting accessoriesHoliday lighting lamps and blow out decoration specials provide an opportunity to decorate every season of the year with both color and light.   They allow any number of people and organizations to obtain at one point in time all that they need for the following year at prices that have considerable dropped even further below our normal discounted selection costs.  Holiday lighting lamps and decorative blow-out specials feature RLLD products whose continuing popularity year after year have motivated us to group the most sought after items together in a special category.  This makes bulk purchases much easier, and it allows designers to obtain materials for other soon to follow after Christmas.  Obtaining these items now at a discount cost not only saves money, but also time.  With procurement completed early, designers and event planners can devote more of their attention to creativity after having obtained all they need through RLLD’s holiday lighting lamp and decoration at special pricing available only through Christmas.

Since Christmas will be arriving soon it follows that we have in our selection a number of special holiday decoration accessories geared toward making it easier for designers to be more innovative in process and less worried about the problematics of equipment limitation.  Rope lighting decorations at blow out prices provide an excellent outlet for flair and the avant-garde and can be used to decorate special places all around a home or office building complex.  With an average bulb life of 25,000 hours, they provide constant and reliable illumination in varying measurements of red and green.  Event planners coordinating either a Christmas party or a New Years Celebration can add a nice centerpiece to the event with one of our 18-inch light balls that looks elegant without the cost of elegance attached to the moment.  

We also provide holiday lighting packages and decorations for St. Patrick’s Day, Halloween and 4th of July and we encourage bar owners and restaurant managers to consider buying these decorations now at holiday special, blowout prices.  Next spring, even if time constraints prohibit staff member from decorating the establishment themselves, they will still have on hand all the lighting and decorating equipment necessary to hire a designer to simply arrange the supplies bought during our blow out sales event.  This can lead in some instances to enormous savings on equipment costs, because designers may not have access to the many channels we obtain our products through, and their higher costs may easily work transfer over to the invoice to design a theme that could have cost much less if a little foresight had been used to see beyond the immediate needs of Christmas and New Years lighting.

The same principle applies as well to people who might be planning Fourth of July and Halloween parties.  Generally speaking, event planners normally coordinate a series of events year round, and many plan many months in advance to ensure that all materials and entertainment for the events are booked in advance to avoid last minute snafus that could cause the life of the party to diminish in quality.  It is for this reason that RLLD also carries Fourth of July, St. Patrick's Day and Halloween lights and decorations in our holiday blow out selection to accommodate the requirements of those making year-end annual procurements at end of year closeout.

The sheer simplicity of many of these items can deceive the cursory glances of those clicking through the site looking at the pictures.  Quite frankly, holiday lights, lamps and decorations can do virtually anything that the mind can conceive and apply with a bit of practical ingenuity.  The following represents just a few areas that holiday and decorative special items can lift from the mundane to enlightened at a fraction of normal costs:

• Indoor and outdoor lighting displays
• Accessories that support other products
• Centerpieces over dance floors and rooms where events are held
• Window displays to attract and entertain clients
• Retail lighting themes to showcase merchandise
• Amusement parks and municipal decorations to light up the town square
• Front yards, patios, and living rooms to impress neighbors and guests.

Furthermore, a number of miscellaneous holiday lighting and blowout sales items such as our cacti and diamond lights can be used as year round decorations in any number of places.

RLLD offers professional contractors and private individuals alike the freedom to choose everything in one place at discount pricing across the board.  Not only can they find all the need for Christmas, but also get everything now for the year to come.  See all we have to offer here, and call today at 1-800-239-2939.

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