Holiday Lighting Packages Bring Beloved Characters to Life & Light with Holiday Cheer

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>Holiday lighting packages allow homeowners and store managers to decorate for inexpensively while enhancing the holiday spirit.  Sold separately, the characters represented in these holiday lighting packages would cost much more if purchased separately and then be arranged together.  RLLD has packaged these holiday lights for consumers to not only offer a Christmas season discount but also to combine some of America’s favorite characters and symbols from Disney and Christmas stories.   Holiday Lighting Packages Bring Beloved Characters to Life and Life with Holiday Cheer that enlivens parking lots, yards, and even large indoor areas such as guest rooms and lobbies.  

Disney characters represent the magic and wonder of childhood and are mainstay American symbols to those who still long to feel like children at this time of year.  RLLD has two Disney holiday lighting packages, each with multiple scenes included.

Our first is the Disney World Fun in the Snow Package.  It features three sets of characters that can be displayed together or separately. One character set features Mickey Mouse who appears to actually like the idea.  The other set of characters included in this holiday display are Mickey head in wreath.  The Mickey and Snowmouse wears a blue hat and beak-shaped mouth.  This holiday lighted sculpture adds humor to iconography and a sense of fun in the snow.  For clients in warm clients who may not have snow this Christmas, it’s a great way to celebrate the season regardless of geography.

For Winnie the Pooh fans, we provide a holiday lighted sculpture dedicated exclusively to Pooh and friends.  This is one of our most popular holiday light sculptures, showing Disney characters universally loved having loads of fun.  We see Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, and several other famous characters reading Christmas stories together and laughing as they read.  (This is a great subliminal message on the value of reading that parents can send to their children using TV characters as a motivator).  Another display features Tigger standing with his arm around a snowman that is dressed up like Winnie the Pooh.  Again, this is a great display for climates lacking snow in the winter, and many children’s stores find this package very conducive to communicating camaraderie and welcome to holiday shoppers.  Public facilities love the third emblem in this holiday lighting package the most: the Christmas carol scene.  Anywhere public events involve a choir or caroling troop, this display provides a great visual reminder of the purpose of the event.  It works equally well in indoor facilities and outdoor areas where carolers may be singing for public events in the park, schools, churches, or city halls.

Of course, we have to include Santa in our holiday lighting packages because Santa represents Christmas to so many people all over the world.  The Rudolph/Santa Outdoor Holiday Lighting Package includes two classic scenes immediately recognizable to anyone who has ever read a Christmas story or scene a Christmas movie.  The first scene is Rudolph pulling Santa’s sleigh.  How far would Santa get without Rudolph?  Not very far.  This is why we include Rudolph in both scenes in order to give credit to his diligent work pulling all the colorful, brightly lit tows across a base that looks like snow.   The second scene in the holiday lighting package emphasizes Rudolph as well.  It shows Rudolph and Bumble decorating a tree, eagerly awaiting Santa’s arrival.  We do not know if this is Santa’s personal tree that they are decorating, or if Rudolph left the sleigh temporarily and went on ahead to help out a family in need.  Either possibility fits the true spirit of Christmas.

RLLD encourages all shoppers investing in Holiday Lighting Packages to read our online materials about the many applications of rope lights.  Since we include these in each holiday package, understanding rope lights and their many versatile uses can only add creativity to design. 

Call us as well today at 1-800-239-2939 for even more suggestions on how to use both rope lights and your new holiday lighting packages toll free.  A specialist will answer the phone and help you place your order.

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