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Exhaust fans, heaters and ceiling fans are a very important part of your home ventilation and cooling system.  Fans and heaters are designed to supplement your home air conditioning and heating system on a room by room basis.

Homes designed and built in recent years are more airtight and energy efficient than in the past. The benefit of an airtight home is fewer drafts, which lowers the cost of heating and cooling the home. However, pollutants retained in airtight buildings can be hazardous to occupants and jeopardize structural integrity. Good ventilation in the home is suggested to avoid moisture and excess build-up from biological pollutants such as mold and mildew. Excess pollutants are not only detrimental to your health, but can also lead to the deterioration of structure supports and walls. Volatile Organic Compounds or (VOC’s) are gases released from building materials, carpets, furniture and other household items as a result of aging, decomposition, or curing. A good ventilation system will prevent prolonged exposure to VOC’s and keep the air in your home fresh and well circulated. From just moving air in a room for circulation, heating a bathroom, removing steam from the shower or just venting some unpleasant odors from the water closet, heaters and fans play an important role in every home or office.

Vent fans, exhaust fans, fan forced heaters and indoor/outdoor ceiling fans come in many shapes and sizes and are made by many name brand manufacturers.  With ever rising utility bills, it is important to you, the homeowner, to cut costs and conserve energy while improving your living environment, in all ways possible. Ceiling fans can play an important role in the heating and cooling, and illumination of the home-Forward operation in Summer provides a cooling breeze while reverse operation in Winter re-circulates warm air trapped above. Residential Landscape Lighting & Design carries such brand names as: Panasonic, Nutone, Westinghouse, and Concord.

Panasonic makes super quiet, ceiling-mounted fans with features like lights, night lights, and/or heaters.  Through-the-wall ventilation systems, perfect for applications where ceiling placement is not possible. Continuous ventilation in-line fans with multiple inlets for improved indoor air quality throughout the home.

Nutone offers the widest range of intermittent ventilation products available. Many are industry innovations you won't find anywhere else. Fans and heaters from Nutone come in many shapes and sizes including decorative, fan/light combinations, fan/vent/heat combinations, utility, wall-through fans and in-line ventilation fans.  And all are designed and manufactured to Nutone's demanding quality standards, so you can count on them for easy installation, trouble-free operation and extended life.

Westinghouse indoor/outdoor ceiling fans are the most stylish, energy efficient, and highest quality you will find anywhere. For over 100 years Westinghouse has built a strong reputation for building reliable and useful products for homes and offices, remaining always at the forefront to technological and engineering advancements. Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary style ceiling fan, you can find the exact look you desire among our quality selection. For those looking for quick installation, Westinghouse's patented InstaLoc™ Technology allows you to install a ceiling fan in a matter of minutes, without the help of an electrician. Westing house has contemporary ceiling fans, traditional ceiling fans, as well as a full line of indoor and outdoor ceiling fans.

Concord Fans & Lighting has combined thoughtful, creative designs with highly efficient, dependable motors. With a huge selection of colors, any décor can be complimented. Concord offer the most wood blade choices to match your furniture. Variety of fan sizes ensures the best airflow circulation for the small bedroom, bathroom or hallway, as well as the most spacious family or living room. Decorative accessories and light kits can be added to most models to create atmosphere and illumination. Choosing a Concord fan is a one-time investment for most homeowners. And with a wide range of prices, any budget can be accommodated.

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