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If you are looking to save money with a long lasting bulb and need a lot of bright, white light, take a look at  halogen light bulbs. A large selection of halogen light bulbs can be found at Residential Landscape Lighting and Design at low prices and high quality for all of your lighting needs.

How do halogen lamps create light? Halogen light bulbs operate in much the same way that incandescents do. Both have a thin coil of wire, called a filament, made out of tungsten inside of a gas-filled glass bulb. When electricity is passed through this filament, it heats up and generates light. The difference between halogen light bulbs and their incandescent brethren is the type of gas that is inside the bulb. Halogen lamps' name is derived from the halogen gas that is inside the bulb. Part of the problem with incandescents is that the bulbs "burn out" so quickly. What really happens is that the more often that the light is turned, or kept on, the longer the filament is heated. This heat leads to break downs in the filament. The tungsten literally evaporates away. When part of the filament burns all the way through, it can no longer carry the electrical current, and it falls to the bottom of the bulb. The halogen gas in halogen light bulbs helps to prevent this break down of the filament. This is accomplished due to a reaction of the tungsten gas produced through its evaporation as it heats with the halogen gas. The result is that tungsten then condenses back onto the filament, in a similar manner that dew is deposited on the grass in the morning. When the tungsten condenses back onto the filament, it repairs those spots which were thinned from its evaporation. The result? Halogen lamps have filaments that repair themselves. This enables them to have much longer life spans than incandescent bulbs.

Another advantage of halogen light bulbs is that they can burn brighter and whiter than incandescents, but this brightness comes at a price. These bulbs can become very hot, since the regeneration allows the filament to burn at higher temperatures. The amount of heat produced means that the ideal spot for halogen light bulbs is in outdoor lighting. The whiter light will let you really show off the stunning colors of your garden and exterior landscape.

If you need assistance with deciding if halogen light bulbs are for you, our experts will be pleased to help you. Here at Residential Landscape Lighting and Design we will help you to find all of the halogen light bulbs that you need for your home. If you have a technical question for one of our experts first check our blogs or forums. Your inquiry may have already been answered. If not, you can ask the experts or just call us at (800)239-2939. Our customer service will be happy to help you.


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