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Focus Landscape Lighting specializes in a wide range of fixtures and accessories for outdoor use.  Focus offers over 100 different products for illuminating virtually every aspect of your landscape, patio or deck, in line and low voltages.  For line voltage (120V) applications, focus offers flood lights, area lights, brick lights, bollards, directional and specialty lights.  These lights are also available in low voltage (12V) fixtures, which also include flex lights, well lights, down lights and underwater fixtures for fountains and ponds.  All of Focus’ products are made in the U.S., adhering to the highest standards in the industry in terms of materials and manufacture. 


Focus Lighting Line Voltage Fixtures.


Focus step light, path light and flood Light line voltage fixtures are available through Residential Landscape Lighting and Design.  These fixtures are available in ten different quality finishes, which include white, bronze, rust, antique verde, brushed verde, hunter, weathered brown, stucco and weathered iron (black is standard.)  These fixtures may be used for security, decoration or both. 


Focus line voltage floods are excellent for illuminating large sections of your landscape, such as the side of your home, trees or broad sections of your lawn or garden.  Focus line voltage area lights offer subtle light for outdoor spaces, illuminating downward and filling an 8 foot radius.  Focus brick lights provide subtle, attractive lighting for the steps of your patio or deck.  These help ensure the safety of you and your guests in the evening hours.  Focus bollards are basically pole-shaped area lights which can be used to illuminate sections of your lawn or garden, up to 8 feet in any direction.  Focus directional accent lights provide illumination for targeted aspects of your landscape design.  They may be used to highlight trees, statues, fountains, or other features of your home’s architecture.  Focus specialty lights include well lights, which are housed in the ground (also known as grade level fixtures), stake light, recessed lights, and hanging lights—all of which are designed specifically for outdoor use.


Focus Lighting Low Voltage Fixtures.


Many of the line voltage fixtures described above are available in low voltage designs as well.  In addition to these, Focus offers a number of lights designed specifically for low voltage use.  Focus flex lights come in designs similar to path or directional lights, with the added feature of a flexible neck.  This allows the light to be pointed in any direction.  These lights are great for BBQ lighting.  Focus low voltage underwater fixtures may be used in or around ponds, fountains and swimming pools.  These may be grade level, or fitted with an aiming bracket.  Also a number of down lights, some hanging and some directional, are available in low voltage designs.


Focus Landscape Lighting is continuously innovating in the industry of outdoor lighting.  Residential Landscape Lighting & Design stays continuously abreast of these developments, and has become a trusted vendor of Focus as well as many other landscape lighting manufacturers. 


If you have any questions about any of the Focus products we offer, do not hesitate to give us a call at 1-800-239-2939.  Our experienced professionals are happy to answer any questions you may have, and help you choose the right products for your application.


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