Flex Lights Illuminate Objects in Hard to Light Areas.

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Universal low voltage flex light designed for high traffic or tough landscape lighting installationsFlex lights resolve many issues that people encounter with standard flood, path, and spotlights.  The most obvious problem they solve is that of obtrusive, fixed fixture placement that shows too much of the equipment and leaves little room for precise adjustment without the help of a professional lighting designer.  Flex lights are small, easy to conceal, and they can be twisted, turned, and rotated in many different directions without breaking, making them a highly resilient and valuable component of any outdoor lighting or landscape lighting system.  Flex lights can hide almost anywhere in the landscape, or behind almost anything.  Their unobtrusive size and shape, combined with their ability to be moved and positioned at whatever lighting angle for which the situation calls, makes it possible for them to light everything from gardens to waterfalls without distracting they eye away from the objects they illuminate.  

As the etymological connotation of their name suggests, “flex” lights are indeed highly flexible.  Each fixture mount sets atop a movable arm that can be bent to accommodate a variety of angles and positions.  It is important that this arm be very flexible and at the same time hold position once it is placed where the user wishes it to be.  Cheaper flex mounts often feature arms that are made of visibly jointed metal that wears over time.  Our flex lights are more sophisticated that this, featuring commercial grade manufacture and rugged materials that can take a beating from outdoor elements and withstand the stress of manipulation.  A smooth, tough covering of steel chrome plating covers each flex arm.  Fixture heads are coated in black polyester powder coat, and brass nickel-plating on many of our models protects sockets, wires, and bulbs. 

RLLD inventories three categories of flex lights to accommodate a wide range of commercial lighting design requirements and residential lighting needs.  We carry flex floodlights to bathe a specific portion of the landscape in light.  We have flex path lights that add a decorative touch with optional mobility to moonlight walks and garden tours, and we carry flex spotlights to bring special emphasis to landscaping features and water works.  In large lighting systems where the lights are controlled by timers and stay on from sundown to sunup, we offer low-voltage flex lights designed for power saving energy efficiency.

Flex Path lights can be maintained at optimal performance levels because even if severe weather or wind knocks them out of place or an animal or playing child inadvertently knocks them down, it is a simple matter to just replant the stake-like bottom of a flex light into the earth and adjust the arm back into position.  Many city parks use flex lights to showcase waterfalls, ponds, and fountains, and people don’t even know they are there.  They see the light, but never see the equipment itself because the fixtures are hidden behind rocks that line the edges of the ponds. 

In tight spots where there is a high level of humidity, one might want to consider a copper, brass, or aluminum flex light fixtures with a sturdy, stable wiring system that won’t rust or short circuit.  In other instances where the fixture can actually serve as a decorative adjunct, a fixture designed to emulate a lampshade makes for a very charming path light.  For flower beds and garden lights that need an every greater “decorative touch,” consider a scallop or starfish hat flex flood light that will distribute light in a very wide beam spread over the tops of perennials, new blooms, and shrubbery with any number of light levels and height adjustment levels available through RLLD’s many custom fixture, finish, and equipment size options. 

See our full selection of flex lights here, and ask any questions that come to mind through our online information portal, “Ask an Expert.”  When calling today to place and order, feel free to ask to speak to a design specialist while on the phone to get additional lighting design suggestions on how flex lights can compliment and enhance both residential outdoor lighting and commercial landscape lighting in the most creative— yet beautifully practical—fashion.


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