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 As energy costs continue to rise, the builders of homes and commercial structures are finding ways to make buildings more energy efficient by making them essentially airtight, or as close as possible. While this is an excellent way to maintain the interior climate of buildings in terms of cost, this approach also raises potential hazards that can be easily overcome with the use of exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathroom. Proper ventilation is necessary to prevent the accumulation of contaminants such as mold, which can flourish in rooms with excess moisture. The same contaminants that effect human breathing can deteriorate the structure of a building over time. Our excellent quality Panasonic exhaust fans will not only ensure that occupants with allergies or asthma breathe easier, but may also increase the life of your home or office. 
Panasonic Exhaust Fans are certified by the Home Ventilating Institute (HVI). The HVI is a non-profit association founded to establish test standards, certification programs for airflow, and sound and energy performance. The Panasonic Whisper Fit Vent Fans offered by Residential Landscape Lighting & Design, according to the HVI, are capable of moving 50-60 CFM at no more than 0.7 somes. A CFM is a unit of measurement for the amount of air particles a certain fan is equipped to circulate out of a room. The HVI recommends 50 CFM per water fixture in any given room. A “some” refers to the sound produced by an appliance. In layman’s term, one “some” equals the amount of sound produced by a quiet refrigerator in a quiet room. In other words, our Panasonic exhaust fans are extremely quiet are not likely to be noticed by the occupants of the ventilated room.
Our Panasonic bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans are composed of galvanized steel and finished with rust-proof paint. The permanently lubricated motor is designed to run continuously for over 30,000 hours, and the florescent lamps are rated for 10,000 hours. Once installed, your Panasonic kitchen or bathroom exhaust fan will last for years with no maintenance needed. Should anything go wrong, however, our Panasonic exhaust fans are warranted for three years. 
 One of the most attractive features of the
Panasonic exhaust fans is their efficiency. These units come equipped with 13 watt, compact florescent lamps which consume no more energy than a 100W incandescent bulb. The extraordinarily quiet, 120V sealed motor will ensure that your home or commercial building is properly ventilated while still retaining the low energy costs of an more air efficient building. These exhaust fans also come with a built in damper to prevent back draft.
Panasonic kitchen or bathroom exhaust fans offered by our company are easy to install. With a detachable adapter, a firmly secured duct end, and adjustable mounting brackets, these exhaust fans can be properly installed by anyone with a basic understanding of electrical wiring. The fan/motor unit can be equally removed from the casing should it need to be replaced years down the road. 
 As with all the products offered by Residential Landscape Lighting & Design, we stand by the craftsmanship of Panasonic exhaust fans as a single, reliable and affordable solution for all your building’s ventilation needs. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact. Our experienced staff of experienced professionals can help you determine the type and number of exhaust fans you need to safely and efficiently ventilate any room.
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