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Members Discounts on Holiday Home Decor

Our top quality, 150 foot spool of Commercial Grade rope light comes with: 

  • 120Volt
  • 1/2" diameter
  • 5 watts per foot.
  • 6.5Volt
  • 70mA bulb
  • UL 2388 listed
  • Bulb spacing: 1.09" standard
  • Maximum 150ft./run 
  • Five extra connector kits will be included at no additional charge! (that is $50.00 savings.)
    not field cuttable (becomes NON-UL listed if field cut)

Our rope lights are available in Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Clear colors. Other rope light color variations may also be seasonally available, Call us toll free at 1-800-239-2939 to find out more.

If you are looking for a quick, easy and inexpensive way to decorate your home or business this holiday season, rope light (sometimes called "light rope") is the way to go.

Rope light is just just what it sounds like: a rope made of light!  Well, light bulbs to be exact.  A light rope is a long strand of low energy consumption bulbs, encased in a durable plastic tube.  Rope light can twist, turn, bend, but won't break!  It is quite literally the most versatile type of decorative lighting around! 

It is not surprising that most Christmas light sculptures are made of rope light.  With a simple frame and some clips, it is quite easy to sculpt any shape you desire.  Rope light can be used to sculpt attractive yard art for Christmas, or other designs that can be used year round.

Rope lighting can be used in commercial applications as well.  As a affordable alternative to neon lighting, rope light can easily be sculpted into lettering or logo designs.  Just look at some of our NFL team rope light sculptures to get an idea.

Rope light is also a great alternative to traditional light strings.  Light strings can be unwieldy, fragile and unless carefully installed and maintained, scraggly and unattractive.  Rope light, on the other hand, is simple, sleek and durable.  Using rope light, it takes very little effort to create a perfect outline to the corners of your home or commercial building.  Eaves and overhangs can be outlined precisely in a matter of minutes. Whether intended for the holidays or not, you may find yourself wanting to leave the rope light up year-round, it will look so great!

How difficult is it to create custom lengths of rope light?  If you can use a pair of scissors, you can create custom cuts of rope light using our splice kits.  Our 150' reels of rope light come with everything you need to create custom cuts.  Simply cut the length you desire, place an end cap on one end and a power connector and wa-la!  You now have a custom length of rope light that can be plugged into a 120V socket and sculpted in any way you choose. 

Our rope light spools come in several colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue and Clear.  Using custom cuts and a few different colors, you can create extremely attractive designs that will wow your customers or guests.  Look at our rope light palm trees to get an idea of what is possible.  You simply cannot get this level of versatility, adaptability or durability with light strings or neon lights.  There simply is no alternative! 

If you are convinced that decorating with rope light is the way to go this holiday Season, Residential Landscape Lighting & Design is ready to make you the best offer on rope light you will find anywhere.  Simply visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-239-2939 to take advantage of our special rope light offer.  Remember, the holidays will be here before you know it.  If you want to save time, money and headache this holiday season, we have two words for you: ROPE LIGHT!

Clear Rope light spool, 150ft

Blue Rope light spool, 150ft,

Yellow rope light spool, 150ft,  

Green Rope light spool, 150ft,

Red rope light spool, 150ft,


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