Design Build Contractors

The real illusion behind “lighting as art” is that it appears to be so “simple to the eye.” Nothing could be farther from the truth. As a design and build contractor, we will create the right electrical lighting or home automated system design for your home or office. We are a design and build contractor which is sensitive to the emotional response that lighting will have on those who inhabit the environment. We are truly the design and build contractor that can successfully implement your design through the proper installation of your home or office lighting or automation equipment. From design concept, to blueprint to installation – it takes a design build contractor who can provide it all.

As a design and build contractor, we employ the key personnel to effectuate the illusion- the teams of lighting designers and the electrical contractors. Our highly trained lighting designers are capable of ensuring that their design will be harmonious to your architecture. We are able to convey to you the lighting design by going beyond the technical structure of their blueprints and plan layouts to help you visualize the outcome.

Our electricians blend seamlessly with our designers due to their years of teamwork and training together; we think of it as flawless execution.

Working with the Best:

As a design and build contractor, our ability to design with light to paint an infinite palette of mood begins with full knowledge of how light works within a given space. As leading lighting consultants and electricians we know this elusive science. We also know our tools-the world's best lighting products-and how to effectively harness them. Our design and build contractors work with architects, builders and interior designers in specifying original equipment, including wiring; consistent high quality is always assured. Existing houses with their structural limitations produce lighting design challenges that are creatively resolved by our lighting consultants every day with stunning results. Much of our success is due to our lighting consultants’ long-standing familiarity with custom home building practices.

It Doesn’t Stop with Installation:

Installation of residential and commercial lighting systems by our electricians follows as a sensible corollary to lighting design. These tandem procedures by a single source lighting design firm provides continuity and emphasize the responsibility of our lighting designers to provide owners with a system that works trouble-free from day one. As with our lighting consultants, our electricians, all of them licensed and well qualified, are familiar with the high-quality, high-performance equipment they install. As caretakers of the systems, we can tailor bulb replacements and other service and maintenance needs without delay via an extensive fleet.


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