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Residential Landscape Lighting & Design carries all types of commercial and residential Chrstmas lights, decorations and pre-lit Christmas trees.For anyone with a retail or service business, you will likely see an upswing in your revenues during the holiday season, but only if your customers are made to feel welcome as they enter. The best way to draw people into your business will be to catch their eye. This can easily be done with a vivid show of commercial Christmas lighting. December marks the month where many consumers have shopping on their minds, but all their thoughts are geared toward the upcoming Christmas holiday. By having eye-catching commercial Christmas lighting strings on display, you can remind your customers that you are thinking about Christmas in the same manner that they are, and you are open to their entering your workplace to do their holiday business. Bright holiday string lights can help boost your bottom line at the end of year, which is often the make or break season for many companies.

Commercial Christmas lighting is the siren call of the store front. Not only do they bring in customers to your place of business, but they also can help your employees get into the holiday spirit. The winter holidays are an exciting time, whether or not you celebrate them yourself. The celebratory mood is infectious, and with a display of bright lights in your windows, you can bring some of that goodwill and joy inside your company. Both your customers and employees will feel more welcome as they come in since a business without blow out Christmas lights during the holiday season seems like a scrooge.

The difference between residential displays and commercial Christmas lighting is that those for business are crafted on a larger scale to be seen from a greater distance away. While a light lawn sculpture for a home might be up to five or six feet tall, commercial light sculptures and pre lit Christmas trees can be up to sixteen feet tall. This also takes into account the proportionately larger size many business are over their residential counterparts. If you were to simply put residential lights in front of your business, the size of your store front might dwarf them, rending them almost unnoticeable. This defeats the purpose of the lights being eye-catching to potential consumers. In the case of commercial Christmas decorations and lighting, bigger is better. You do, however, need to be sure that you are adhering to local municipal lighting codes for these displays. Nothing can dampen your holiday spirit quicker than a citation from the city.

Due to the size of commercial Christmas lighting displays, you will need to take into account the amount of electricity that they will use. One way to save on your December electric bill even with these extra lights is to opt for LED Christmas lighting. LED stands for light emitting diodes. These are LED low voltage string lights which put out a lot of brightness. They are much more energy efficient and cooler than traditional incandescent bulbs. Many lighting experts predict that these lights are the new wave of the future. Their low voltage and durability ensures that they will last for many years to come, and hence they prove to be a wise investment when you are deciding upon types of lights for your commercial Christmas lighting.

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