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Christmas mini lights are a popular item among those decorating natural or artificial Christmas trees, sculptures or holiday light displays. With each bulb consuming only 1 watt or less, up to three strands may be connected into a single outlet. With the advent of interesting products such as net lights, icicle lights and twinkle lights, the possibilities for easy holiday decoration are practically endless.

The following are a few varieties of mini Christmas lights that we currently offer:

Battery Operated Mini Christmas Lights.

Battery operated mini lights are an excellent option for Christmas displays that are either far from a line power source, or otherwise need to appear cordless. Sold in sets of 12, we offer both 10 light and 20 light strings. In both cases, you may choose from clear or multi colored options. The battery pack, which requires two (2) D-size batteries, is separated by two feet of cord from the first mini bulb, and each bulb is about six inches apart.

Christmas Icicle Mini Lights.

Our commercial grade Icicle Christmas Mini Light is another quick and easy option for anyone creating indoor and outdoor Christmas displays. Drops are spaced 6” apart, with a 2.5” to 4” spacing between each bulb. We currently offer three basic icicle mini light designs, with 5” - 15”, 10” - 20” and 15” - 30” drops. Each icicle mini light strand contains 100 bulbs. The patented clip design ensure that each drop hangs straight, giving the appearance of real icicles. These products sell out quicky, so be sure to call for availability!

Mini Christmas Net Lights.

Net Lights are one quick and easy way to decorate trees, hedges and shrubs for Christmas yard light displays. Our net lights are sold in two sizes: 2' x 10' (“hedge topper”) and 4' x 6'. Up to three nets can be connected together from a single outlet. Sold in sets of 12, out mini Christmas net lights can immediately transform your yard into a glimmering holiday display!

Premium & Commercial Christmas Mini Lights.

Our premium and commercial grade mini lights from American Lighting can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. The commercial series offers 3,000 hours of performance, while the premium lasts about 1,500 hours. These mini Christmas lights are offered in strings of 35, 50, or 100 lights, with spacing ranging between 2.5 to 6”, and are available in a full spectrum of colors.

Twinkle Christmas Mini Lights.

Our extremely long-lasting (25,000 hours!) twinkle Christmas lights are ideally suited for permanent installation—for the holiday season or even year round. These mini lights are offered in both 15 foot and 80 foot strands, with lights spaced every 6”. Twinkle Christmas mini lights are sold in sets of 12.

If you have any questions about the mini Christmas lights we offer, or want suggestions about the best light options for your Christmas display, give us a call! The experienced professionals at Residential Landscape Lighting and Design are happy to speak with you, and help you determine the best options for all of your holiday season projects.

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