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Freelance interior decorators and commercial lighting design firms can increase profits on service and save money on equipment costs with Christmas stringer light sets by Residential Landscape Lighting and Design.  RLLD carries everything from battery-powered stringer lights to nickel base C7’s and C9’s that work indoors and out.  We carry commercial grade wiring on parallel circuits that prevents one bulb from shorting out the entire light stringer, and Christmas Globe lights and icicle light sets that bring decoration and warmth to any garden or flower bed.  This season, RLLD has slashed its prices for commercial contractors looking to pass on savings to customers on tight budgets without cutting their own profits in the process, and Christmas lighting stringers are an ideal way to accomplish both objectives with simple, reliable equipment that combines mainstay bulb and color motifs with lighting technology that is durable and readily adaptable to a variety of commercial and residential environments.

The growing number of freelance interior designers indicates the importance that homeowners place on making their homes look their best.  During Christmas, decorators are often called upon to come up with a theme for each room that is original but does not depart too far from holiday tradition.  Because most homeowners want more than one room in the house decorated, designers have to be creative within the boundaries of a budget when choosing Christmas light stringers.  Battery operated stringer lights by RLLD meet both of these needs by offering theme pieces that run in tandem off of a single s battery pack that can power up to 10 stringer lights.  The fixtures themselves look like a number of familiar holiday symbols—fireplaces, campfires, and wheat grains reminiscent of the recent Thanksgiving dinner.  Each one of these fixtures may become the centerpiece of any given room, creating in each separate space within the home the illusion of earth, fire, and harvest.

Contractors with conservative retail clients who insist on a strictly traditional look to holiday decorum can find a wide range of C7 light strings and C9 lights in our online inventory.  For commercial lighting designers decorating in malls and clothing stores this time of year, our selection is extremely valuable because it delivers both tradition and variety through a standard format that almost all holiday patrons will find acceptable: simplicity in bulb design and variety in light and color.  Whereas more eccentric bulb styles may appear too avant-garde and distract shoppers from the visuals of displays and merchandise, C7 and C9 string lights, on the other hand, create traditional lighting themes that vary in degree based upon spacing between bulbs, bulb color, and bulb intensity.  Lighting designers may choose from any number of retail lighting packs in teal, yellow triple coat, amber, and transparent bulb colors so that each room in the store—and the sale items it contains— look unique beneath a subtle, slightly different color of light.  The nickel base of these Christmas stringer lights also lets them dual function as outdoor lights, and they can just as easily decorate the entire mall parking lot as the clothing store that everyone rushes to in the center of the mall.

Globe lights on stringers make the garden come to life as a Christmas decoration unique unto itself, and they give designers the chance to show off their outdoor lighting skills by creating a balance of illumination and color around the home that reflects the theme they have just created within.  Many of RLLD’s prelit globe stringer lights carry up to 80 lamps on a single stringer and provide multi-colored, bright garden lighting at low costs.  High performance globe stringer lights and commercial grade mini-light sets illuminate Christmas gardens from New York to Texas with commercial grade materials and waterproof sockets that keep the northern snow and southern rain from shutting off the lights before New Years.

Contractors and designers should be paid for their creative skills, not high equipment costs that leave them in the end with only minimum profits.  The better grade the equipment, the more both the client and the designer save on technology expenses and invest together in a vision rather than a fixture and a wire.  Christmas stringer lights and net light stringers by RLLD make this possible.  Call 800-239-2939 today to place a bulk order at special discount for select items.

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