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Christmas Lighting and electrical accessories offer essential benefits to professional and home decorators alike.  They provide essential electrical current, modified current distribution, convenient options for portability and showcasing, and power saving return on investment and maintenance costs.  Designers especially should consider buying all Christmas lighting and electrical accessories from us because we carry a significant number of items that are rated commercial grade and available at holiday discounted price points that allow the vendor to make a profit without placing stress on client budget.  Many of our Christmas electrical and lighting accessories make excellent gifts as well because they offer practical use throughout the year-- not just during the holidays.  We invite everyone this Christmas to take a second look at each one of these items, because every one of them represents a genuine solution to a problem or a more convenient tool for performing a specific task.

As necessity is the mother of invention, practicality is the means by which it is accomplished.
RLLD provides power taps accessories to electrical contractors and lighting designers at affordable bulk purchase options.  These power taps enable virtually any electrical wiring configuration needed to support whatever theme is intended for lighting, decorating, and holiday ambience.  They also make excellent gifts for do-it-yourself buffs with workshops in the back yard that require current distribution to multiple points.

Our lamp tester is a handy lighting accessory that proves its value every time a single bulb causes a whole lighting string to go out.  It helps identify bad lamps and sockets and tests for cuts in wire and blown fuses.  

RLLD power strips are perfect electrical accessories for indoor lighting schemes that require multiple fixtures and holiday lighted decorations.  Each power strip has six outlets each attached to a six-foot cord.  Since these are functional and not decorative items, RLLD has made it a point to stock models with a standard appearance so they can also be passed out as Christmas gifts to be used year round by hobbyists and loved ones with workshops both at home or work that require additional power outlets.  Perfect for hooking up pre-lit artificial Christmas trees!

Outdoor lighting enthusiasts also find some of the handiest tools available to their endeavors anywhere online. 
RLLD plug in timers feature a 300-watt electrical rating and are ideal for accessories for Christmas lights and outdoor holiday scenes.  The simplicity of automating the lights not only impresses the neighbors, but it also gives designers the ability to give an extra touch of customer service to their best customers as a holiday thank you sent anonymously from RLLD.

For anyone on a budget, a plug in timer makes a hand in glove fit with an outdoor lamp mounted in an RLLD Incandescent Lamp Holder.  Also compatible with halogen lamps, this resilient and portable Christmas light accessory solves the problem of a limited budget by offering a temporary, aesthetically sound mount for illuminating sculptures, flagpoles, trees, or even statues.  In situations where lights might get wet, or where only a single light is necessary and a full-scale outdoor lighting theme would be excessive, it helps solve the problems of both budget and over lighting in a single portable unit that is easy to take down after New Years and use again the following year.

Commercial Grade LED String Adapters are lighting accessories that save electrical power for many Christmas seasons to come. Everyone likes a situation where everybody wins, and when a vendor and a client can both spend money and make more money back this is a truly prosperous business relationship, and reflective of the very spirit of Christmas itself.

LED Christmas lighting accessories offer designers and electrical contractors the opportunity to make more money on the front end of a deal with a slightly higher equipment markup that immediately cascades downward in waves of customer benefit.  A designer with slightly higher pricing can reassure every client that he or she will experience a return on investment that compounds annually with LED power saving technology and lamp durability that eliminates constant replacements with near-unbreakable bulb manufacture.

Regardless of walk of life—be it consultant, homeowner, or recipient of a very useful gift— every customer wins this Christmas with lighting and electrical accessories from RLLD.  Click here to study our selection of Christmas lighting products and order today.

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