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Many Christmas lights require mounting clips to fasten them securely in place to a tree, the side of a building, an outdoor wall, or the roof of a house.  RLLD mounting clips are designed in such a way as to accommodate the full range of both commercial decorating and home Christmas lighting needs.  Christmas mounting clips offers a secure, reliable method of positioning bulbs in precise locations necessary to create a sense of balanced aesthetic.  Many also feature a 90-degree axis that allows the light to be shifted in position.  This makes Christmas lighting and mounting clips a very affordable and profitable tool for interior decorators, commercial designers, and homeowners who want to turn the ordinary a bit toward the extraordinary. 

The following product exposes are just a few examples of what we carry in our inventory.  They offer suggestions on how commercial and residential clients alike can use these simple tools to arrange lights in such a way as to capture the attention of an entire neighborhood.

Christmas mini light clips prove ideal for places where surrounding levels of light require a see- through fastener that keeps a low profile.  They are made of clear plastic that makes them almost impossible to spot.  These mounting clips come in pack of 100 mounting clips each.  This makes it efficient for lighting design contractors to order in bulk for major commercial projects. 

For Christmas lighting arrangements that call for mobility and easy installation, it is optimal to utilize a mounting clip that features a 90-degree axial rotation.  For such purposes, RLLD encourages decorators to invest in several packages of CD EZ clips.  They are green in color and blend very well with any Christmas tree regardless of size and location.  

Bi-axial shift Christmas light mounting clips can either lift the lights from the surface of the tree or cause the lights to move to either side of a branch, making the tree itself look more full of light and a bit larger in size.  These are excellent mounting clips for interior decorators called upon to decorate the family Christmas tree with an extra special touch of holiday design.  Lights mounted on these clips can be pointed in alternating directions so that they cover larger portions of area on the tree and cast a more evenly distributed pattern of light on leaves, branches, and gifts. 

In a previous article we discussed C7 and C9 bulbs and how they function as an ideal source of Christmas lighting in any department store because of their conservative, traditional appearance.  RLLD’s C7 & C9 mounting clips allow store managers and designers to decorate their entire floor space without fear of the lights slipping out of position.  Measuring 1.75” X1”X1”, they hold string lights so firmly in place that designers can decorate with the bulbs hanging downward without having to worry about them coming loose and creating an eyesore overhead.  Have you ever used black out mini-light covers to conceal unwanted lamps or colored mini-light caps to convert white lighting into a color holiday display?

For outdoor decoration of the rooftop of a house or a small office building with a shingled roof, use shingle tab mounting clips or gutter mounting clips for a horizontal presentation of the lights extended slightly beyond the edge of the eaves.  To raise the lights above the edge of the roof, use bi-axial shingle tabs that elevate each light bulb upward at a 90-degree angle.  This makes the whole front of a house or building look a bit taller not only in the light, but with the light.

Click here to see more Christmas lighting and mounting clips in Residential Landscape Lighting and Design’s comprehensives online inventory.  Be sure to take a good look as well at our rope lighting connector caps for any designs or contracts that involve the use of our many versatile rope lighting products.  To obtain free advice on how to transform a basic decorating scheme into an eclectic display of creativity, call a lighting design expert today at 1-800-239-2939.

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