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LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) are probably the ideal light source for Christmas lighting products. Compared with incandescent bulbs, LEDs are much longer lasting and more durable, luminous and energy efficient. Our LED C6 mini lights, for example, have up to a 100,000 hour lamp life. That is over 10 years! LED christmas lights use 80-90% less electricity than ordinary light strings. Because they are so energy efficient, LED light strings can support much longer runs on a single outlet. Since LEDs emit very little heat, the threat of fire hazards is almost nonexistent. Finally, diodes are much stronger than standard bulbs, so you can be sure the casings will last for as long as the bulbs are able to burn.

LED C6 Mini Lights.

Out LED mini string lights are an excellent alternative to standard strings. The color strings have a lamp life of 100,000 hours, while the white light strings last 60,000 hours on average. Our LED Christmas lights have a strong UV rating, making them perfectly safe for outdoor use.

LED Clip Lights.

LED clip lights come in rolls, which can be custom cut, and consist of .3 watt LED lights at 7" spacing. These are available in white, blue, red or amber. The lamp life on these LED clip lights range from 50,000- 100,000 hours, depending upon the color. These are low voltage LED light, perfect for decorating trees, architectural outlines or signs. LED clip lights are extremely versatile and are an excellent choice for outdoor Christmas decorating applications.

LED Rope Lights.

These LED Christmas lights offer a brighter, clearer, more intense light than standard incandescent rope light. They have a longer life as well, with an average rating of 100,000 hours for red and yellow, 50,000 for green, blue and white. Because of the efficiency of LEDs, the maximum runs of these ropes are much longer than standard rope light. You can run LED rope lights up to 300 feet without any noticeable loss in brightness. These LED Christmas lights use 80-90% less electricity than standard rope lights, and have no filaments or bulb to break. As with all LEDs, they never burn out, but simply fade over time.

LED Christmas Light Sculptures.

We have a few different LED light sculptures to choose from. These may be hung indoors or outdoors, and are safe and durable for most any application. Chooose from our LED snowflakes or LED wreath sculptures, each of which carries an average life of 50,000 hours. These sculptures range in size from 24" by 24" to 36" by 36".

If you have any questions about the LED Christmas Lights we offer, do not hesitate to give us a call. The experienced professionals at Residential Landscape Lighting & Design are happy to assist you with your needs and ensure that this holiday season is the brightest ever!

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