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LED decorations lights for holidays and Christmas events make commercial displays more cost effective and family gatherings last longer without big bills.  LED’s burn cooler than other lights and consume only 20% the electricity that other light bulbs require.  Retailers and homeowners alike can leave their led lights, Christmas decorations, and sculptures on all night long without worrying about the bulbs overheating or paying exorbitant power costs after January rolls around.  Some of the holiday led lights for Christmas and Hanukah displays even feature life spans of up to 100,000 bulb hours, so they can be used year after year after year without annual replacement costs.  LED decorations lights for Christmas and Hanukah also feature amazing durability, as the diode lighting design of LED bulbs is far less fragile than other types of light bulbs. 

Residential Landscape Lighting and Design offers a number of residential and commercial model holiday led lights and decorations that make The Holidays a brightly lit, colorful extravaganza.  The technology of led Christmas lights has already evolved to the point that diode-based illumination can now do everything that incandescent bulbs have done in the past.  Quality need not be a worry to the careful shopper looking for Christmas light sculptures.  LED decorations by RLLD provide offer a number of color, size, and lighting level options for both Christmas trees and decorative accessories.  For example, our led holiday decoration Christmas wreath fits trees, holiday sculptures, windows, and displays with equal flexibility.  It’s bulbs shine green, red, and yellow to fit the season, and it comes plug and play, ready to install with all necessary hardware to hang it in whatever location needs extra holiday light.

Another great led Christmas lighting sculpture for holiday retail advertising is RLLD’s Ultimate Window Tree.  Standing approximately 36-inches tall, it attracts attention the minute shoppers pass by and see it in a window or display case.  Many shopping malls and strip centers buy these Window Trees in bulk from RLLD, creating a row of Christmas light sculpture and led lights out of from one of the world’s most famous and well-known symbols.  The Ultimate Window Tree features a professionally applied, durable coat of emerald paint and long-life LED bulbs that storeowners can leave on all night without worries of overheating or high bills.  Its removable trunk changes its dimensions with the turn of a screwdriver, allowing merchandisers to fit it into specialty and custom-cabinet displays as a central-piece Christmas Holiday decoration.  LED light bulbs hang in clusters to emulate traditional Christmas balls, thus adding decoration to illumination that burns more consistently and brightly than traditional incandescent equivalents.  The Ultimate Window Tree further adapts to flush mounting against walls and glass windows or hangs as a display from an overhead support by an attaching wire.  Small stores and gift shops can even hang it from the wall like a 3-dimensional Christmas picture!

The Ultimate Window Tree serves to catch the eye of passing shoppers who may not clearly see the Christmas tree in the center of the store.  People passing by in cars, however, might not notice an LED Christmas light sculpture that that stands only 36 inches high and markets more to pedestrian traffic than motorists already distracted by traffic signals, other cars, holiday signs, and billboards.  To offer our commercial clients the ultimate competitive advantage in this situation, RLLD now offers The Ultimate Holiday Tree.  LED-lit like its window-sized counterpart, this tree resembles a flat panel sign that can stand in a large window or hang on the side of a building.  No one will miss the thousands of LED Christmas lights decorate the sculpture and provide a 30-direct view that is clear from any distance.  With over 13 sizes ranging from 8 to 100 feet, this Christmas light sculpture looks equally appealing when viewed from afar or a focal point nearby.    The lights of this LED holiday decoration come with intensity controls that control brightness and color, and they also include optional pre-programmed lighting themes.  It offers the same aesthetic appeal as pre-lit artificial Christmas trees, but is also able to fit in places full-sized trees cannot.

Click here to view all of our Christmas and holiday led decorations, lights, and sculptures, or call 800-239-2939 now to place special bulk orders if you are a contractor or retail procurement specialist. 


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