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Christmas & Hanukah Holiday Lighting Decorations, Lights and Sculptures From Residential Landscape Lighting & Design.Christmas and Hanukah Lighted Sculptures solve a number of problems that seem to always plague designers, retailers, and homeowners during this time of year.  No matter how effectively one decorates, it always seems that “gaps” in the design appear after the fact, or the design itself lacks a certain symbol or visual to compliment the colors and lighting scheme in a more obvious and apparent way to viewers.  Generic lighted sculptures often come in standard sizes that are difficult to fit into custom lighting themes, making a congruent fit a challenge, if not impossible.  Color clash often results when one invests a small fortune in a tree, lights, and decorative emblems and then buys lighted sculptures that don’t quite seem to fit the rest of the color scheme of the previously designed layout.  Additionally, such retail grade Christmas lighted sculptures often only last a season or two because they are made from inferior technology that simply cannot endure multiple seasons of use, and sometimes disintegrates in storage.  RLLD Christmas and Hanukah Lighted Sculptures change all of this by letting designers, retailers, and homeowners match holiday wish to holiday light with sculptures of all shapes, designs, themes, motifs, and symbologies. 

Commercial grade Christmas lighted sculptures available through an online supply house vendor such as Residential Landscape Lighting and Design offer a superior level of durability and longevity than retail equivalents.  Many of our lighted sculptures also feature low voltage engineering design, which allows them to be left on for long hours, or even all night, without running up electric bills and generating excessive heat.  For those decorating with a religious theme in mind, we have Christmas decorations and Hanukah symbols that represent both the triumph of Israel and the birth of Jesus Christ.  More neutral displays can be created on a secular level using any number of lighted sculptures representing Santa, Rudolph, or scores of Disney characters in holiday scenes.  Familiar Christian and Jewish symbols can also be found in RLLD’s online inventory like the Star of Bethlehem and the Star of David.  We have all sizes of holiday light sculptures available in our inventory as well.  A number of familiar decorative adjuncts can seamlessly compliment lights and party decorations, such as snowflake designs, or everyone’s famous comical Christmas villain: the Grinch.  Larger Christmas lighting sculptures of Frosty the Snowman and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer will look nice in any retail parking lot or front yard.  Both commercial lighting design companies and freelance interior decorators can be confident that if they order any lighting accessories to go with their bulk purchase selection of Christmas light sculptures and Hanukah decorations that all equipment available through RLLD is compatible with all accessories we provide, and offers maximum safety and return on investment as well.

These factors represent important considerations for both businesses and individuals to consider when investing in holiday lighted sculptures, Hanukah decorations, and Christmas lighting accessories.  A business in particular needs as many aesthetic options as possible in order to match decorum to merchandise and any special marketing themes running at this time of year.  Since the holiday season brings the heaviest traffic of any time of year to malls and department stores, it is never wise to choose from a limited selection just to cut cost on lighting sculptures and decorations for Christmas.  People, like all living beings, are drawn to light, and light sculptures represent iconography and symbols that archetypally represent the season to people on a deep, unconscious level.  As such, hiring a designer who works in partnership with RLLD, or consulting with an RLLD expert free of charge to develop a lighting theme on one’s own, provides a retail storeowner or manager with the widest set of positive variables to maximize advertising, merchandising, and sales at this crucial time of year end closeout.  RLLD’s selection of Christmas lighted sculptures and Hanukah decorations ranges from small, medium, and large models in size, allowing a business to decorate everything from the countertop to the main windows and floor space with images that compliment shopping with holiday spirit.  Commercial designers can recommend entire themes and sub themes to their retail clients, pointing out that energy efficiency and longevity of equipment makes the initial front end purchase an investment that will convey in years to come a return on investment.  Freelance designers can cost effectively dazzle their residential clients with creativity that appears magical, free flowing, and conceived with true heart.

Click here to Ask The Expert specific questions on designing with Christmas lighted sculpture, or call 1-800-239-2939 to order over the phone.

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