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Across the entire spectrum of interior lighting, there is no expression of the form that is more provocative than a crystal chandelier. Hanging far above the heads of the occupants of any space, a crystal chandelier mysteriously draws attention from all points in the room. The magical display effected by glass twisting light into color compels its viewers to arch their heads—a posture that usually only the stars can demand. A beautiful New  antler chandeliers, wrought iron chandelier or colored crystal chandeliers can add that certain celestial element to any room in your home, wherever your guests gather. 

Residential Landscape, Lighting & Design has an elegant selection of fine chandeliers for you to choose from, crafted by Spectrum Lighting and other high-quality manufacturers. What each of these products have in common is a single element, one more fundamental to chandeliers than electricity itself: namely, crystal glass. There are many different kinds of crystal produced today, but most of the chandeliers we offer are adorned with high-quality Venetian glass—molded and fire-polished rather than machine cut. Italian chandeliers, such as our Authentic Murano Venetian Crystal Chandelier, are renowned for both their subtle luminosity and extravagant design. 

Our wrought iron chandeliers from the Spectrum Lighting “Majesty Collection” are sculpted with staggeringly complex forms that wind about their vertical axes like vines, blooming into crystal blossoms. With their hand forged iron tendrils, draped with 24% lead crystals refracting light into multicolored rays, these crystal wrought iron chandeliers are a magical synthesis of metal and glass that are certain to spark the imagination of all who bend their heads to see.

For a more Baroque feel, we offer crystal wrought iron chandeliers adorned with delicately sculpted, iron flowers. These chandeliers from the Spectrum Lighting “Garden Collection” take the subtly organic style present in all of our wrought iron chandeliers and make it explicit. Light shimmers from candle-like fixtures, nested within floral sculptures and glass water droplets, to give your room a truly natural appeal. We have several crystal chandeliers from this collection, ranging in detail from the subtly elegant to the most elaborate, colorful and ornate designs. 

The wrought iron crystal chandelier from the Spectrum Lighting “Versailles” collection brings the majesty of a French palace right into your home. Teardrop crystals are strung like pearls that hang from one hooked branch of the iron frame to the other. The viewer is captivated by the simple design that elaborates upon itself to a remarkable degree. This results in a truly complex piece of art that is seemingly within ones reach, yet tantalizingly placed always just beyond the ability to touch.

Whatever style of crystal chandelier you desire for your home, the experts at Residential Landscape Lighting & Design can help you find the artistic piece that suits your tastes and needs exactly. Do not hesitate to give us a call, or write an email, so that we may discuss the many options available to you. After the limitless tasteful decorative decision one has to make about the interior of ones home, a chandelier can add the final touch that sends your design heavenward. 

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