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We all love the smell of real pine Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands.  Unfortunately, certain limitations on time and energy have made this impractical for most people. However, there is no reason why you should have to sacrifice the look and feel of real pine. With the advent of of prelit Christmas trees, prelit Christmas wreaths and prelit pine garlands, it is now possible to have lovely holiday decorations that can be used every year—with most of the work already done for you! With each of these products, hundreds of beautiful transparent mini-lights are expertly interwoven into realistic branches and pine needles, modeled after the unique texture of Uinta Fir and Black Forest pine.

Uinta Fir Prelit Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Garlands.

Named for the lush pines that grow in the Uinta Mountains of Northeastern Utah, the Uinta Fir series by Village Lighting brings the lush fullness and durability of the woodlands into your home or place of business.

Unita Fir Prelit Christmas trees come in 7.5 foot and 9 foot sizes. The 7.5 foot prelit Christmas trees are available in both slim and robust varieties. The slim version comes with 650 transparent mini-lights, covering a maximum berth of 48”, while the robust prelit Christmas trees contain 800 lights encompassing a 60” diameter. The Unita Fir series also includes a 9 ft garland, as well as prelit Christmas wreaths with 24”, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72" diameters.

Black Forest Prelit Christmas Trees, Wreaths, Garlands.

Black forest pine trees are native to the Northeastern U.S., and are recognizable for their deep color and abundance of pine cones. The Black Forest series by Village Lighting includes lovely pre-lit Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands.

Village Lighting's Unita Fir Prelit Christmas trees, like the Unita Fir series, come in 7.5 foot and 9 foot sizes. The slim 7.5' prelit Christmas tree is perfect for small, indoor spaces, while the robust prelit tree requires at least five square feet. The 9' black forest prelit Christmas tree is slightly wider, but contains over 1250 lights! The Black Forest series also features a 9 ft garland, and prelit Christmas wreaths in 24”, 36”, 48”, 60” and 72” diameters.

All of our artificial prelit Christmas trees come with a heavy-duty stand with rollers, allowing you to easily place the tree wherever you choose in your home or place of business. All of these products are extremely durable, and may be easily stored for most of the year. While these artificial garlands, wreaths and Christmas trees are already fitted with lights, you might consider adding additional Christmas string lights or other decorations to accent their already classic appeal.

If you have questions about any of the artificial prelit Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands or any other lighting products we offer, do not hesitate to give us a call. The experienced professionals at Residential Landscape Lighting & Design are happy to talk with you, and help you decide what lighting products are best suited to your particular project.

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