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Artificial Christmas trees are becoming increasingly popular among those who enjoy the ease and convenience of setting up a fully decorated tree in only minutes.  These artificial trees are made of durable materials and are expertly crafted to last for many years of use.  There are more options available than one might think.  The following are a few examples:

LED Prelit Artificial Christmas Trees.

These unique, attractive LED pre-lighted artificial Christmas trees are designed to attract attention to retail stores as part of a holiday window or point-of-purchase display. Several Window Trees can be faced out of different windows of a multi-story building to quickly and economically build a bright commercial holiday display.

Black Forest Pre-lighted Artificial Christmas Trees.

Black forest evergreens are so rich; they even have a cake named after them.  Black forest artificial Christmas trees by Village Lighting are offered to anyone who craves a lush evergreen but lacks the strength (or the sinuses!) to drag a fresh one into the home each holiday season.

Hawthorne Artificial Christmas Trees.

The Hawthorne Prelit artificial Christmas trees by Vickerman Lighting or CMI-Lites are an excellent way to quickly and easily light up your home with the Holiday spirit.  These trees range in height from seven and a half feet to an enormous eight and a half feet tall. These trees are fitted with hundreds or even thousands of mini-lights for full and even illumination.

Noble Fir Artificial Christmas Trees.

The Noble Fir is truly one of the most magnificent trees known to nature.  With our pre-lit "full noble" artificial x-mas trees, you can have the nobility of this fine specimen right in your living room each year without having to lift an ax! 

Tiffany Artificial Christmas Trees.

The Tiffany series by Roman Lighting features trees that are lush, full and durable.  They range in height between six and a half and height and a half feet tall.  They come in clear or multi-colored mini light options.

Everest Artificial Christmas Trees.

The Everest trees are truly gigantic.  Towering at 14 feet, 17 feet, 20 feet, 23 feet, or even 35 feet tall, this tree is the "Everest" of the pines.  Fitted with thousands of evenly distributed lights, strung along wrapped, angled branches, this is our largest artificial Christmas tree.  Please call for shipping and availability information.  

Aspen Artificial Christmas Trees

Bring the winter magic of the Colorado Mountains into your home with our Aspen artificial Christmas trees.  Prelighted with hundreds of mini-lights, these trees offer the ultimate in convenience.  These small Christmas trees can be easily placed in areas with low clearance.  They come in 3-foot, 4-foot or 5-foot varieties.

Be sure to check out our artificial Christmas wreaths, many of which come in the same styles described above.

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