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Phantom lighting strips are used to illuminate this bookcase.This custom strip lighting system, developed in 1985, is the premier custom low voltage lighting system available. The flexibility of its unique patented design of adjustable wiring methods makes it a favorite choice of architects, builders and interior designers.  The  Phantom strip lighting system is custom manufactured for each display application. It can provide an atmosphere of bold illumination or a subtle glow of warmth and beauty. No matter which strip lighting design you choose, you will enjoy your customized effect, without ever seeing the source of the light.

Lighting creations - not light bulbs. Therefore, this strip lighting system has been carefully engineered to ensure that the light source is concealed from each viewing angle, no matter how severe. Its invisible nature makes it the perfect strip lighting system for use in shelf lighting, display lighting, task lighting, furniture lighting and cove lighting. In fact, our patented strip lighting has been the preferred choice by the owners of premier residences, office buildings and retail spaces.

Although our strip lighting system may not be visible to the eye, that does not mean the quality or the durability of the light source has been compromised in its manufacturing. In fact, instead of using trim derived from plastics, which can deteriorate, the standard trim used on the invisible light source is made of zinc-plated steel. However, when showcasing is a design element, we are the only company that can provide you with the options of polished or satin brass or polished or satin stainless steel trims for your strip lighting system. The results of the attention paid to this detail are a safe, energy efficient and maintenance free operation and a long life product.

Remember, the Phantom Lighting System is the most effective product made to solve problems of indirect lighting and hard-to-light spaces. Each unit is custom-fabricated for its specific installation and satisfaction is always assured. It is the perfect task light and works in virtually any other space, large or small, where an invisible light source is required. Both functional and aesthetic, the Phantom Lighting System is found in America’s finest homes.

Our strip lighting products are ideal for your kitchen cabinet lighting applications, and also be used for most of your under cabinet lighting needs. Please click on a link below for more information:

And it’s so easy to order. Just provide us with the correct information and we can custom build a system for you. If you have any questions please call us toll free at 800-239-2939 and any one of our staff will be more than delighted to assist you.

Shelf Lighting:

Phantom lighting strips are mounted vertically on each side of cabinet for even illuminations.Shelf lighting can be designed for existing adjustable, fixed or glass shelves or new construction. In each case, the installation technique used eliminates the existence of any visible wiring. With existing shelves the system will allow for a change in shelf configuration. In new construction, we coordinate with the designer or contractor to design a system that will result in a shelf perfectly crafted to achieve the desired lighting effects.


Cove Lighting:

Architectural coves invite the challenge of providing continuous dramatic lighting - and Phantom Lighting Systems has successfully met that challenge. Due to our low profile design and unique construction, we are able to provide an extreme amount of flexibility in our adaptation to unusual shapes or radius coves. The system also requires less space and allows for a tighter and cleaner fit, as well as furnishing a warm continuous light through the use of dimmers. These features make it far superior to traditional systems and apply to both kick space and window valance installations.

Cabinet Lighting:

The flexibility of Phantom Lighting makes it the perfect system for task lighting, such as under the cabinet lighting or home office desk lighting. Applied vertically or horizontally, this invisible light source will illuminate any workspace and provide the perfect balance between functional application and the desired aesthetic effect.


Furniture Lighting:

The Phantom Lighting System can be designed to be as mobile as a piece of furniture and therefore you can enjoy the beauty of its illumination wherever you go. This lighting can be placed in furnishings such as curios, armories, home entertainment cabinetry, and china cabinets.

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